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    Thanks guys, never assume anything when it comes to me and electrics! I hadn't considered the switch so took that off, cleaned up the connections and tightened it up again and it's all working again. Also useful to know it's not part of the MOT test if I can't get it working next year! Richard
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    With the best will on my part, it's a terrible idea. One wheel drive will give appalling handling, especially in the wet, potentially dangerously bad, and will overstress the single half shaft carrying the load. Welding up diffs is an atrocious bodge and those who do it on anything other than a dedicated trialler should have their heads examined. Far better to save up and do the job properly with a locking or LSD, even second hand.
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    So you gonna run one wheel drive on the road? Won't you get tired of holding the steering to one side to counter the lack of drive on the other? When you decelerate won't it will pull the other way? What country are you in? Is it even legal?


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