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    On Sunday I ran out of fuel on the M27 and as I was phoning the AA Steve in a Series 3 pulled in to offer help. Big thanks He then towed me into Sainsbury's carpark to allow the AA to jump start me as I had flattened the battery trying to get fuel through. Steve's Reg is HFG3**V if you are on here thanks again if not and anyone knows him please pass on my gratitude.
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    I'm no engineer and no expert so happy to be corrected if i'm wrong but haven't hybrid diesel-electric locomotives been pretty successful for a good while now? Not saying current hybrid cars are any good but is the concept entirely worthless?
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    Its part of the spirit , like the wave thing , but there are a lot fewer now that stop , so nice to hear when it happens Its also something that the owner of a older landrover is likely to do I think
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    Don't really agree. The V8 is much smoother, more refined and has a bigger rev range. In their day they were also far more powerful than the 2.5TD, so it's not really fair to compare with a much newer variant. That said, a stock 3.5 is still faster than a stock Tdi... And off road the lighter weight and placement of the engine make them nicer vehicles with superior balance. And it's not as if you can't tweak a V8 either or simply unbolt the 3.5 and slip in a 3.9 The LT85 has a lot of gearstick travel, but it's not really hugely worse than an LT-77/R380 to drive.
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    Would that also involve re-joining the RAF? :-) Regards.

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