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    I hate this thread I've had a Wolf ambulance itch that's needed scratching ever since I sold the Locomotors 127 that I converted some years back!
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    My V5 came through today, 1 week to the day after posting it. Thanks for your help Neill. Bobtail, can you tell me what you've done to convert to 12v? I want to do the same.
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    Nothing fancy, Ed, just the boss of an MoT approved garage and his tester going over the mods with a fine tooth comb looking for weaknesses, geometry problems and the safe and secure routing of wiring, hoses and such, plus an emissions check (not legally required, but just to give an idea of the engine condition) on that installation and an extended brake efficiency test, with lots of repetition for confirmation and someone watching the brackets and suspension for the torque reaction effects (making sure the axle mounts and such were sound) before writing a report on company headed paper. It cost me about £50 a time, but apart from making sure I was legally covered and the insurers had less wriggle room for any claim, It more importantly verified the work was done to a decent, safe standard. I trust my ideas and my workmanship, but I'm still not going to jeopardise anyone's safety for the sake of £50, and anyone can have a bad day in their garage or driveway.
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    it might be the brake vacuum pump disintigrating. Any how its now 3 days later so I wonder what has transpired.
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    Glad it's not just me! I've spent a lot of time looking at the sites, as it's my pet hate when people were talking rubbish about it on Facebook!

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