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    your used to driving on both sides of the road so I suggest you leave it LHD and just use it here for a bit.. I've done it the other way in Norway and you just get used to it - although I'm sorry to say UK traffic and congestion will feel very different to what it was eight years ago. If you do decide to swap the wheel over I've got a RHD 300TDI which still has some bits on it that might help, just shout out. No steering box as I've used that and the trim is pretty **** but it might have some usable bits.
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    Ralph, Yes, I still have those connectors They are £0.60 + postage. I'll reply to your PM with my PayPal details. Cheers, Paul.
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    Here's an update. Ordered a new part. The original part number is ACU5037. Struggled to find an original part from the usual suppliers so order the superseded part number AMR6676. However, the diameter of this newer fitting is a tad larger than the original. Did some more digging and found somebody who could source me the original part. It was for an MG Rover. However, the part number is the same, ordered it and once arrived it is indeed the same. Some sharing of parts between factories. Yippee! Top one is the new ACU5037, bottom is the original. The middle one is the AMR6676 Once the new part was refitted, with the arrow pointing towards the rear screen, screen wash pumped from the reservoir to the rear window. All worked well, no leaks. This is likely to be the first time in nearly 19 years since new that the rear wash has been working.
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    .... and if you are going to do that, it will be cheaper to Megasquirt it, and gain all the benefits that go with that!
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    Link to the listing of the 3 available episodes http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b06vft28
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    Guys, BUY A CAT - I'm no feline lover, I despise the bloody things but they are one of the most efficient killers going. Hint, do NOT feed it in your house, give it a bed box in your shed and feed and water it there. Your rat and rodent problem will be solved forever, oh, and PLEASE have it desexed.

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