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    Interesting that the 110 Defender icon heritage is fitted with wheels that are not rated for a 110 despite their boast of having "30 years of real off road experience" Somebody who lives near a friend of mine, had a Khan 90. Until it was stolen. The police recovered it 3 hours later, well some of it. Basically all the fancy bodywork, wheels and engine had been stripped from it and the remainder dumped in a field. Then there are things like this. http://twistedautomotive.com/current-stock/view/twisted-t80-90-station-wagon/ Or, in a similar vein to the original post, vehicles(?) like this 2a. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-2a-Td5-Automatic-with-Trailer-and-Generator-/192089074920?hash=item2cb966ace8:g:-cYAAOSwEzxYQALs
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    Thanks , it's a fun project! Apologies for the subject being off topic, but the construction is definitely relevant. Laser cut 316 stainless steel: Drawings made in OnShape.com (free online parametric CAD) Build thread here if anyone is interested. And because it's relevant, here's my (highly questionable) manual circle cutting jig for the plasma. No pilot arc on my machine, and torch height control with a screw in the bottom of the wooden torch holder, If it didn't strike, a little tap enough to bring the torch into contact with the sheet did the trick Crude, but very, very effective and had some lovely cuts out of it. The wild invention: