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    That's a weird one...have t seen the cheapest of the cheap do that! I was looking at OME to replace my terrafirmas when they expire.
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    Stick in a Kent 266 cam and minisprint 1:5:1 roller rockers mate. (single 1 3/4 sure) the Kent 266 is the best for driveability in my experience. It's similar to the bmc mg metro nasp cam, but has better torque all the way from the get go, and rises all the way to the top rev range better than the mg. 35" inlet and 29 ex valves (standard mg metro) will complement.
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    Hey, no criticism from here, all people from all walks come here, and I suspect the Morris Minor purists out there would be pretty concerned about me chopping up a Traveller and making a pickup, with a turbocharged A-series up front
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    Yeah, you probably just want her sat in the back, with the knife - be enough to scare anyone away.
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    Hi. I'm looking for the interior door trim for my early 110 rebuild, the 2 part trim pieces fell apart when I was removing them, I've got some which are complete, but not all of them. I believe the part number is CZA2259L. Looking online they're unavailable. Anywhere. Would a 3D scanning and printing service be a worthwhile avenue, or has someone got a carrier bag of these hanging around. I think I need another few bits of interior trim as well, but I'll only know when it all starts to go back in. It was a complete basket case, had had a few coats of olive drab applied by yard brush, biffs, knocks, holes etc, so it's not a faithful repro.
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    Hello Please also bare in mind creeping vapours ie petrol/gas they are drawn straight to the heat source ie open flame with possible lethal results.It dead easy to forget this, working on fuel system or just pouring stuff even spraying stuff Put a sheet of metal behind flue on the wall with a gap btween wall this way allows it to warm and the heat it absorbs to rise from the front and back of metal distributing heat better wish i could get in my garage lol
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    This is one of the best ideas. People ignore alarms - but generally come out to complain when the music is too loud. Si
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    Who says it's illegal, stuff em the scumbags . Instead of a siren set a stereo on full volume ,a hidden one that they can't switch off ,nobody could claim that was intended to cause harm ,I generally listen to music that would scare lucifer so if that came blasting out full chat I'm sure it would do the job .
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    Re the Rodeo from my earlier post Transfer box replaced with a second hand unit , motor is an 06 ,the replacement came out of an 07 ,completely different serial numbers ?Took a chance and it was the right one ,only £200 and a trip to Lancashire to collect it , nice easy job to swap as well , yup I still like em ??.Thing is if I sold the disco, the 110 hicap and all the other landrovers and bits I could afford a nice jap double cab around the 10k mark , but I would rather have the 110 , no I don't understand it either ????
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    I have found that taking the engine out and locking the 110 in the workshop to be very effective for the past 5 years ?

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