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    It's also odd how some people with so little technical knowledge that need to ask questions that have blindingly obvious answers refuse to accept the well explained and justified comments and the testaments of those who have direct experience of the matter in hand because it doesn't match what they want to hear. Worse than the fact that these types can't be saved from themselves is their tendency to then insult those that have tried to help them.
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    Ha I like that especially the detail in the item description! Curious though Bowie69, which search term did you use? MAN CAVE SHED HIDEAWAY or ESCAPE or indeed combinations of them??
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    Hi Mo, normal non-insulated female spade, probably 1/4 inch 6mm I use these for my coolant temp. Cheers
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    The manual has gross errors. The spec is 42 to 55 kPa (6 to 8 psi). It is shown correctly in the 200TDI manual.
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    Building your own loom for a Series / Defender is not that difficult these days. We have done it several times and I'm about to start wiring up the Hybrid. As long as originallity is not important, there are a few improvements to be amde over the standard thing. And places like "http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/" make very nice stuff to have your Defender be real modern... Bon Couarage !
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    Commercial vehicles are exempt from the post '98 CE requirement.

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