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    I live near Bridgwater - we don't have any spare virgins to sacrifice
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    8" lift with all that heavy stuff up there... It'll roll just parking on the kerb!
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    As Dave says, soapy water shows air leaks as bubbles. Rocking the car while you stay underneath (ideally on a 4-post lift, but on the ground use some blocks or stands to prevent the chassis lowering to a point that could harm you) will simulate driving, the rougher the better. I suspect the ride height sensors or their wiring, or a fault within the ECU. As both sides are behaving the same, I'd be looking for something with shared voltage feed or earth, affecting the ECU's interpretation of both height sensors. If the sensors have a live feed and earth via the ECU, then I'd look at that feed. I suspect the feed will be at a lower voltage and inside the ECU, but I'm sure you see the logic.
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    I was recommended to use bilthamber's seam sealer, who'll supply in personal use quantities. cheers, Steve
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    no, silicon is rubbish, not a long term solution, most of the stuff we can buy in retail is not worth the packaging it is put in.
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    Hi, not really, the diff is only locked if the viscous coupling has siezed, the rear is not locked to the drive constantly. think of it as the same as the LT230 in terms of it having a centre diff but instead of manually locking it, the VC does this by limiting the amount the diff can differentiate ie only allows a low speed difference in the diff side gears, (propshafts) Dave
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    Indeed, and driving with no front prop worked fine for me.
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    It's a bit long ... Bit of a barge really Mo