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    Hi guys Had to have Jasper my 16 year old Boarder Collie put to sleep today due to old age
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    Wow! I see someone has taken my Redneck solution to a more pro level!
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    Here you have Wheely while we went shopping for a new sofa!
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    ...and use high panhard bar: no body roll with tons of travel. Yes, axle panhard mount will protrude into the rear tub in full compression. just make a hole in floor!
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    Divorcing is the way! No adaptors needed, just a custom cheap mini propshaft. Imagine that the transfer on the left is the BW 4462 from a P38, and the one in the right an LT230. Fit the PTO and "feed" it with the front axle propshaft from the 4462 and you will have the LT exactly in the middle of front and rear axles.
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    It wouldn't be for nothing fridge, it would have been a favour returned for bringing the parts washer to Billing for me about 10 years ago. ? And I wouldn't dream of tucking somebody up for £50 for it, it cost me £7 new genuine in 2002 IIRC ? MO

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