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    Hi gents, well I've been offline for quite some time because I've been focussed on a new series I was hinting about on and off for ages. It's finally live after a year of earnest work. Hope it's appropriate to post it and hope you like it...\ George
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    Just in case it's useful... http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/images/source/CV_joint_rework.pdf I've got a pair of early Ashcroft HD joints that I keep meaning to rework at some point. They were very tight - difficult to move by hand - but I couldn't spot a problem when they were on the vehicle.
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    Sounds like you diff is jamming, with both wheels off the ground and an open diff the opposite wheel will rotate the other direction. Could your half shaft be going too far in jamming the diff?
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    Aw, come on, look at all those sparkling videos on Youtube shot by one guy - it's just a matter of working with what you've got. (Yes, I'm thinking of those Casey Neistat daily vlogs.) Perhaps with an industry background you'll need some time to "downsize" your thinking, because I didn't notice anything wrong and it was obvious you knew what you were doing.
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    Well, it shows in the quality As you say though, being the other side of the lens is rather different, but then directing, producing planning, editing etc, I expect there are a million and one things to try to remember... Number one thing I think you got right was the lighting, so many shows on YT are so badly lit, yours is almost like being in a studio, but I guess this is the experience showing again.
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    That was a very entertaining watch, seemed very well shot and great subject matter, I will be watching future episodes and I'll probably send the link to friends too. Better than a lot of stuff I've seen on broadcast TV.
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    As said the misfire and original cause of the issue was probably the injector seals. When they go they can put a lot of soot into the fuel system which can gum the pump up, i often take them out and they're black all over. If you can't hear the fuel pump, first of all swap the relay in the fusebox for a known good one (i usually swap it with the wiper relay next to it) to rule that out but you'll probably need a replacement. With everything sorted, before starting, turn the ignition on and pump the throttle pedal all the way to the floor and back up 5 times, this will run a fuel priming cycle, the pump will run on and off and the engine management light will flash, leave it until it finishes the cycle (light stops flashing) and then try and start, they often fire better with the throttle pedal fully depressed but lift off quickly when it starts to prevent it revving too high.
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    Superb, some really impressive cinematography I think its called!.. nice filming anyway! yup I'll follow you. You made me chuckle when you digressed on the circular saw you found looking forlorn, sound very much like we've got the same faulty gene...!
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    I don't know. I would buy the new 80" Defender or the back to basics two door Range Rover that LR have started to build...
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    If you have a turbo engine, you need a boost pig Boost Pig.mp4 Oink
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    Si, Halfords sold the Autoleads DAB antenna for £19.99 which seems about the price for one of these everywhere but you could try Fleabay. I routed the cable through the dashboard at the side, fortunately there was a 'Defender gap' to squeeze it through, popped out the plastic grille and fished it through to the centre console with a piece of stiff wire taped to the lead and plugged it into the back of the radio. The antenna has a peel off back to it and sticks solidly to the inside of your windscreen, I sited mine in the top corner of the passenger side. There is another peelable back from the 'ground' of the antenna amplifier which just about stretches over the windscreen seal and sticks to the painted metal of the window frame. (You do not need bare metal for the ground!) The cables leading from the antenna to where they disappear under the dashboard then tuck behind the plastic interior trim at the side of the window which is screwed back with two self tappers. I love Planetrock and really miss it when I'm driving so I'm a happy bunny now! The DAB radio has lots of features and you can even change the colour of the display to exactly match that of your gauges and dashboard lights. I'm not big on I.C.E, it took me years to upgrade from a cassette player but having DAB radio come through the speakers so clearly is a big bonus.....
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    Doesn't sound as if he can hear the fuel pump so this may have died.
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    Flasher relay ? When I've had problems of this nature in the past I have replaced the cheapest bits first, so probably flasher relay, hazard switch and then indicator switch. Burning can indicate high resistance at connectors so make sure your connectors are clean and check your wiring for intermittent shorts through chafing or cuts. Change that fuse if you haven't already in case it's faulty, I've had a big one melt before and not blow and clean the connections of the holder. My money would probably be on the flasher relay if you've changed the switch several times. Hopefully there may be some pointers for you too Alan. HTH Mo
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    Glad to be of help, though very limited it was, and sorry for the confusion I created. Don't worry about the pegs, anyway - as we discussed, the two piece bush is the later and better part and needs no shaft modification. lick on the photo in this link to see the not-uncommon failure of the single piece bush, seemingly caused by tiny amounts of shaft flex and specifically what the two piece bush was made to prevent. http://www.nickslandrover.co.uk/gear-box-failure/
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    Sounds like it was originally the injector seals to me and now the diesel system also has air in it following the filter change and needs purging properly. From your original description though, do the injector seals.
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    A friend went to buy a fester and wanted the cheapest model they did. Salesman was trying to sell her a different model with colour coded mirrors, alloy wheels and various other bits of jewellery. He was a bit crushed when she asked him how much better rear view the colour coded mirrors gave her and was not steel also an alloy? But it has a sunroof madam (and how farking ridiculous is a moon roof?) to which her response was why would I want a car with a hole in the roof?. In the end she got the one with all the added bits because "nobody asks for the base model madam and it will be months before we can get one" but she got it for the base model price. On the subject of breakdowns, A friend was workshop manager at a LR dealership. They had a RR sport which would always go into limp home mode when presented with a hill. They tried all sorts to reproduce the fault (owner was going on his hols with caravan attached etc) In the end they gave him a demo car and said leave it with us while you go on holiday we will have a good look at it. couldn't get it to replicate the fault. Bloke comes back off hols, picks up his car, attaches caravan, he is back within 10 minutes same fault. In the end Land Rover said give him another car and send that one back to the factory we will sort it out. Dealer did as requested and even the factory could not find the problem. Doesn't bode well for the future.
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    Yeah I have posted similar threads on Land Rover uk forums in their ( Public discussion forum ) and on Landyzone in their ( Anything goes forum ) as most members on the two forums knew that I had a dog and I've not had any problems with the same threads I have posted on them
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    I agree with the forum charter and I do not believe there should be an OT section - and even try to abide by it most of the time. However, most of my closest friends are members and many of them I met through the forum. It's a great community of like minded people - for whom I care a great deal. There has always been an unwritten rule that some latitude will be given to people who make a decent contribution to the forum - and Mr Rattler qualifies in my book! I don't think I've met him, but I've followed his exploits and care about him and the rest of his life too - and the same goes for the rest of you too. Yes, it's primarily a Technical Forum - but it's the people that make it great. There is space for the odd thread about mental health, pets and yes, even Waxoiling cats! These are the things that turn words on a page into real people. Si
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    I have a 12 year old T5 that I'm converting into a camper van. I've never been a fan of VW or had any real interest in them but we wanted a camper van and the T5 is the best option for that size although, as a result, they also keep their value which is both a good and bad thing. I have to say though that, especially when compared with the Land Rovers of a similar age, the VW is really well put together and of a much higher quality which for a commercial van should be a surprise you'd have thought ! I'll be honest, I\d expected a van to be pretty "agricultural", built to suit a purpose rather than put together with any real attention to detail. When I'm working underneath it there's not a sign of rust, despite it spending the last 5 years of it's life in Blackpool. When you pull off a protective cover on the underside you find factory paintwork, unblemished and coated with some form of protective wax coating. The wiring and connectors are completely untouched by corrosion, I can pull off a rear tail light unit and, despite it being completely external to the vehicle, the connector and the light unit are corrosion free. When I stripped the interior I didn't know what to expect under the sheets of ply and flooring, expecting to find areas of rusted floor where water had seeped in and pooled with no escape. What I actually found was a body and interior that was pretty much just as it left the factory, not a rust spot or blemish in site. It's not perfect but when comparing it with other 12 year old and newer vehicles I've had with a Land Rover badge on it it's so much better it's been a real eye opener to the difference that attention to detail and, perhaps better workmanship, can make to the longevity of a vehicle. They have their issues and just like our beloved green oval vehicles, if you read the vehicle specific forums and the horror stories that abound there are a number that are common problems. Some of which they share with Land Rover vehicles... 5 cylinder turbo diesel, highly tuned, has a propensity to warp exhaust manifolds especially when remapped, sound familiar at all ??? The VVT is nice though, surprised more people haven't tried to fit them to Defender TD5s. I've said before (before I owned a VW) that VW were unfairly targeted over the emissions and pointed out that Land Rover and probably every manufacturer had been doing similar tricks for years, it's what good engineers do when you set an unrealistic test as a required target for a specific set of circumstances. You aim to pass the test not necessarily meet the goal behind the test. Hell, even our school system is obsessed with that these days, teaching kids to pass a specific test whilst not necessarily teaching them anything outside passing a test.