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    I'm getting ready for what will probably be my Discos swansong, an all expenses trip down the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. The reason for this is that a mate wishes to establish a new motorized assisted bicycle ride time from Halls Creek to Wiluna. Currently someone has done this 1380 cross desert trip in 14 days, Peter (old mate) thinks he can do it in 9. His machine has 4" wide bicycle tyres, it has attached a single wheel trailer that will carry his gear, food etc and two solar panels. These panels feed/supply a pair of Ni-Cad batteries that in turn power two electric motors, on the trailer, one in the geared rear hub of the bike, a sensor on the front wheel synchronizes both motors so that they are running at the same final speed. I might add Peters is a renowned electronics engineer who was responsible among other things for the FOMOCO plug-in diagnostic units. Where I, and my trusty Disco come in is in transporting him, his bike and his "trailer" the 9000 k's from here to Halls Creek, then shadowing him down to Wiluna without assisting him in any way - other than sharing a camp fire in the evenings, if something breaks, a weld for example I'm allowed to carry the welding unit but he has to carry out the repair. Should he have broken the record then I'll be transporting him home the 8000 k's from Wiluna via Docker Ricer and Uluru to Coober Pedy and home. By then the "Old Girl" will have clocked up well over 500,000 k's of severe off road Australian desert and bush driving and it will be retired and restored.The reason for taking the Disco is the size of the roof rack 2150 x 1500 - impossible on the other 4WD with its fitted roof top tent. On our return I'm expecting that Peter will receive all due accolades and be fitted out for a new jacket with nice sleeves that tie up at the back and he can have a long rest in a nice room with quilted walls. Currently hes cycling a 1000 k's a week most of it cross country to get himself into shape, not bad or a 62 year old. As I said, for me its an all expenses paid trip, well, apart from the 5 bottles of single malt, Peters covering all the diesel and other supplied I'll need to do the trip. It should be fun, for me anyway, hes anticipating cycling 130-140 k's a day cycling for 10 hours a day so you can see I wont exactly be busting and land speed records. Remember though this is a desert track and the sand will be soft and anything up to 8" deep over the sand dunes so it will be bloody hard going --- for him ! I'll be taking lots of photos and GoPro videos so I'll post them on my return - if Peter's assembly is ready we head off the last week in June. The program is the trip to Halls Creek, allow 5 days, the Canning Stock Route allow 9-10 days, Wiluna to home allow 5 days, total around 20+ days. Departure 30th June return around the 23rd July
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    Once again, I humbly thank you for your help - it is much appreciated!
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    M8 bolts holding the badge on, bl**dy animals.
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    As much as I hate to give Britpart credit for anything the swivel balls on my 90 are from them, 'OEM' spec bought before I knew better - though I did know enough to use proper suppliers for the rest of the bits of the kit. They have done well over 120k now with no issues other than the Teflon coating wearing off. If I was doing it again I would probably go for Land Rover ones though just because I hate giving Britpart money for anything, even if it's good. I would avoid the kits because you still have some unknowns in there. The gaskets for example, we've all seen Britpart gaskets made out of tracing paper. Proper Land Rover ones are generally nice and thick. However to be fair the most important bits seem to be taken care of in that 'OEM' kit.
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    I'll have a look when I'm home later for the bearmach number for the bit. But as I said above, its only the seals/bearings etc it doesn't include the swivel balls. Britpart swivel balls have been good other than a couple of small chips on one which would happen to any make.
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    Fill the holes with a smudge of grease afterwards
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    Loving the behind the scenes pictures, I would never have guessed that about the garage in EP02! I don't have the time to start a youtube series (or a particularly engaging subject matter in mind), but I'd like to know how to do it properly in case I have a blinding flash of inspiration one day
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    Thanks for another fascinating episode. As a one time Lotus Elite Type 14 owner, registration 4 CBD, in case it's still around, I found the interview really intersting, and I'm looking forward to more clips in future episodes. Mike
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    Doesn't sound sermonising at all Davo, it's all good. I'll go gas when I can and in the meantime ugly welds are fine by me. I have never made it clear but the Vogue is more of a "keep her alive" rather than a restoration. It was that far gone that it'll never be perfect. There has been so much learning already, and I suppose everyone has to have one car that they cut their teeth on so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. No worries talking about my camera gear at all, I thought someone might have asked sooner on Youtube. Would love to do a bit on it at some point cause I like my vintage and home made film gear too. Not being evasive about the camera but the brand denied me some very modest help on a previous high profile thing I was involved with so I'll leave it at technical details on that front: it's a 1.6 crop sensor pro-sumer DSLR. I've used it professionally since 2011 when I bought it new. It struggles to deal with the poor light in the unit but it's been worked hard and is probably tired. Each day's labour produces about 500 stills and a hand full of video. (DSLR's have odometers for shutter actuations in the same way car wear is measured in miles). I've a selection of lenses but have been predominantly using a 17-55 image stabilised zoom with a constant aperture of 2.8. I have two O'Connor Model 30 heads, an unbranded set of wooden legs, both top line ENG gear in the 1970's, and a Miller non fixed hi-hat. There's a great story behind O'Connor and they're top of the pile in professional camera support if you ask me. I have a wireless intervalometer here and left a failing wired one in Greece. There's a simple Ianiro lighting kit of 3x 300W dimmable halogen units and an 800W redhead, ( one 300 is out of service cause I can't afford bulbs ). Should I go on? there's a few other cam support items I made myself including a (non motorised) gimbal, and I've the last remaining in a long line of suffering action cameras, which I haven't used in this production yet. Oh and the mic is the cheapest one I could find, a Rode radio lav setup. It works well! On an artistic front, In many cases I'd love to get a lot closer to the action in the frame but between leaving space to get to the work, and keeping the lens safe from flying matter, many of the shots are dictated by the lie of the land. Hope that's interesting and I didn't just waffle for nothing
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    A few more hours in the garage today and I now have a fridge drop slide to install in the back of the hybrid. The handle is folding as you can see in the images, I can have it on top of the fridge when it's in the up position of I can leave it fully extended as I have plenty of clearance to the rear door. Whats left to do now is some final sanding, trimming, a latched welding some wheres on the front to lock it in place when driving then a coat of paint. In the mean time here is a small video of my DIY fridge drop slide in action, which I'm very pleased with, enjoy.
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    Mine should look like this when finished (if everything goes as expected).
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    Hi Dave its 7/16 UNF, so 20 tpi Cheers, Steve
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    NRC7080 is the part number - superseded by MXC5231... trouble is, noone I've found actually lists the spec. I've got the workshop manual here - but not the parts catalogue - that is available online in a few places but it doesn't show the thread size. My money is on it being UNC... Sorry chap!
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    I'm nervous about buying anything "new" from Gigglepin, they don't exactly have a good track record when it comes to supporting their products and "known" points of failure. Their customers basically end up paying for their R. and D. When you phone them up and say "x has just snapped in half" the normal response is something like "oh yes, that's a known issue with the early ones, we can sell you an improved one for £x * 2". You don't even get the replacement at cost price even though they've acknowledged it was a faulty part by design or manufacture. They're obviously feeling the pinch a bit though with Redwinch and, from the consumer's point of view, having Redwinch and Gigglepin going head to head to compete against each other is always going to improve innovation and price ! Sadly both are out of my "justifiable costs" budget at the moment but Redwinch is where my money would go if I was looking for a new winch.
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    That was a very entertaining watch, seemed very well shot and great subject matter, I will be watching future episodes and I'll probably send the link to friends too. Better than a lot of stuff I've seen on broadcast TV.