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    That's made from Nige's shim collection
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    We believe you for sure. LOL
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    I do think it helps for anyone doing this if you can do the 90 deg in one movement - or failing this do a bit, then restart, but aim to complete in the second movement. I think the further you are on, the harder it is to restart. So if you have a limited movement, do say 30 deg, then reset and finish in one, rather than have to stop and do the the last 10 deg. I use a torque multiplier and it still makes me wonder whether the breaker bar will break.
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    I think he'd just have a huge vertical plate on one end of a surplus Warrior from Withams and drive it up against a sturdy wall..
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    I hear Nige has ordered this one .....
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    Veroboard is ideal for that sort of thing...
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    I would have grabbed that immediately as a potentially collectable item! Really bizarre.
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    Purely metal? They make the two way tailgate hinges and have a picture of some HD hood sticks on their website. http://www.purelymetal.co.uk/
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    I'd keep it standard height if you can. a set of new-take-off springs would be a good bet.
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    Not this one. That just means you'll have to do it again next year......or the year after. Mike