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    Cheers western yes wired in ok while I had the cover off thought I'd put the voltmeter on it as when I started her up wipers wouldn't work at all so switched the stalk on had 12v on the green wire , so put the plug back in and hey presto they worked . Turns out the problem was the connector on the main loom , it doesn't fit snugly enough in to the park switch so it works loose and the wipers stop working ,but not loose enough that you could tell if you take the cover off to look. And it doesn't fit tight enough to make 2nd speed work , push the plug in firmly and everything works as it should , so wrapped some electrical tape round the plug pushed it in and all works fine. So need to look for a new plug for the wiring loom , result . Thanks western and Simon for the help glad I haven't got to take the whole dash off. cheers Ian


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