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    I joined up with some Jeeps, a couple of Suzukis, a Dodge Hemi and a Chevy Surburban for some off road trail exploration. The meeting place was a couple of hours of highway driving away so I had some time to contemplate life whilst driving a 2.5 N/A diesel (1.67 transfer case) as people passed me. In no particular order, these questions arose: 1. When the four way flashers are turned on (for going up hills if your speed is less than 70 km/h so other cars going 110 km/h don't rear end you) - Why doesn't the flasher on the binnacle match the flasher on the switch? 2. Why does the speedometer in a Defender go to 200 km/h? Is this to encourage sunny optimism in the owner? Should it be remade to max out at ... say... 100 km/h? 3. Why is it that no matter how loud you turn up the radio, it will not drown out the frequency of the squeak behind the binnacle? 4. Speaking of noises... Why is it that the truck makes squeaks, groans and rattles on pavement that disappear when on dirt or trails? Is it that the truck is happier? 5. For cars that drive behind you on the highway with their high beams on: Is it better to turn on your rear fog lights (or work lights to really scare them) or is it better to accelerate and make a big cloud of diesel smoke and make them think that they are in a fog bank? What musings have any of you had?
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    Mike, I'd sacrifice my beliefs to help you out, that's the kind of chap I am 😆
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    1) What sort of fancy pants 110 have you got, with it's flasher on the switch?? Show-off. 2) I didn't realise the speedo went that high. I am very familiar with the bit that vaguely represents 90 k.p.h. though. 3) I find I can stop that squeak by tightening the piece of steel above the windscreen that holds the stereo. I've looked and looked and can't find how that connects to the binnacle (or what's left of it - mine was made from water crackers and is now 50% steel taken from my mum's old microwave, true story). 4) Yes.; 5) I sometimes find that is a good time to test my brakes. They are good brakes. Bonus point) It must be because you are in the Northern Hemisphere? My 110 is ridiculously good at missing rocks with its diff. Not so much with cross members, exhaust or those silly little side-skirts though.
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    I had a Skoda for a while it was a great car it did everything it should....it lasted 6 months I hated it for all the reasons I should love it. I got bored of driving it bored of owning it so I bought a rusty, leaky, Smokey, half knakered 110 that was destined for the scrap yard. It needs thousands spending on it. It need hours and hours of fixing time but we love it. The really amusing part is at some point I might get the ibex finished and no longer need the 90 or maybe the 110 so which will I sell? The wife says neither and I can't argue with that. Mike
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    For me the muse is..... Why were Defenders sold "Ready Made"!?! When a Kit form would have been SO much better!!!! Or sold in bits with a monthly magazine, and just buy the issues that you need Lets face it if you are not repairing/fixing it, you are going round it doing all the "Up Grades" it requires to make it useable!
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    Well done. Good result, that. Good to hear. G.
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    Excellent news Dave and no lost bits either so a win-win ......at least it wasn't a protective rag that was stuffed in the intake at the start of the job that got missed on re-assembly , some red faces when I found it and a lot of relieved laughter . Happy trails Steve b
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    OH MY GOD !!!!!. Oh dear, ..... well guys....i suppose i could just sit here and give you all a right pile of garbage as to the problem and say that the answer was,, this and that, blah blah blah. When the reality is completely different. However it would appear that the problem MAY have been my own doing. If it is...then i hold my hands up,.. and admit it, and at the end of the day, these forums are about learning from your own mistakes and from others. It's the way we learn. Steve b and Bowie 69....following your suspicions, and after trying to adjust the timing and checking every hose and working in the cold for what seemed an eternity, i decided....well, time for the rocker cover to come off and re check the tappets, even though i was pretty certain AND CONVINCED ,that i had crossed every T and dotted every I. So..off came the rocker cover and the re check began,...NO 8 fully opened /down and adjusted NO 1 ok there, lovely, it was at this point that my eyes glanced at the THIRD rocker along,....oh my god,...the nut had fallen off and was lying at the side of the push rod..eeek. I carefully removed this and was just about to replace it, when..i then noticed the hardened rocker valve cap was ALSO MISSING. This too was lying further on by number 6 pushrod. So...the rocker shaft came off .. YET AGAIN, and i decided to fully inspect every pushrod, pushrod brass seat, every rocker, every nut to make sure no damage had been caused elsewhere. As you can imagine, this took some time. As it happens....NO DAMAGE. Thank god !!!!. I feel very, very lucky to say the least that my engine didn't go bang. How i got away with that one,..i have no idea but the nut and valve cap was pretty much stuck down with the 20/50 engine oil. This nut MIGHT, have come loose of it's own accord, Maybe it was my fault...i don't know. So... i methodically re checked/set the tappets and made damn sure the lock nuts were tight. Re fitted the rocker cover, and after a sharp intake of breath, tentatively started her back up ................NO MORE BLACK SMOKE !!!!!. Thank god for that ( i thought). Took her for a spin round the block and she pulls like a train. Timing pump just requires a little adjustment but that's all. The main thing is everything's ok ,....for now,.. ( TOUCHWOOD)!!!. So......THANK YOU, for pointing me in the right direction guys about the tappets, otherwise i would still be trying to sort it out. All the best, cheers, Dave.

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