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    Happyoldgit , I don't want to get into a row about grammar , spelling or the like but I don't think there should be an r in that word
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    Don't know if this is of any use to anyone, but I'd have liked to have known this info about a month ago. Here's how to spot a tubed and tubeless wolf rim. The tubeless one is stamped ANR4583 TUBELESS, as it's genuine. The tubed one is pattern and isn't stamped with anything (hence much confusion ). The main difference is that the tubeless one on the left has a defined bead seat, where as the tubed one does not: If there's a tyre on the rim, then the bead seat can be spotted from the outside: Tubeless: Tubed: It can also (more easily) be spotted from the inside of the rim: Tubeless: Tubed: HTH, and if you already knew how to suck eggs.......
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    I've got a long weekend off next weekend and the new S.P. exhaust, manifold and engine paint should be here by then so I should get plenty done, these last two months saving for Christmas has been doing my head in seeing nowt being done on the 2a and once my son gets married in a few months time the 2a should come on pretty well after that

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