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    What size are they? My 255/100R16 XZL's were happy at much lower pressure, even at 0psi they still held the truck up! Quite stiff sidewalls those... 28+32 sounds about right for standard size.
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    Fronts are happy between 28-30, rear from 32-40 depending on load, hardtop/softop, offroad or motorway. I always got on well with 30 front, 38 back.
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    Have you tried running a few bottles of fuel/injector cleaner through it? That might give the system a good scrub. And its a cheap way to ensure its all as good as it can be internally. I noticed a considerable difference to the smoke from my own (although not a 19j) after doing it.
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    Think 28 front 32 rear is the standard. I'll wait for the more experienced to comment.
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    yeah, I'm hoping to go and sell some surplus 5h1t useful bits n bobs.
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    I second that. I had the same symptoms occur in a car park 300 miles from home. Limped it to a local garage (I was stuck in 2nd so that was a slow journey) who wanted £600 to 'have a look' as they 'had to take the gearbox out'. Had road rescue recover it back home and I seem to recall it took about 30 minutes, 1 screwdriver, 1 spanner and 1 allen key. I didn't have to lower the box, I just removed the gearbox tunnel cover and gearbox selector housing. Good luck!
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    Picture borrowed from elsewhere, that's what you're looking for, you have to remove the reverse light switch to get an allen key in to tighten the grub screw.
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    When you say you have removed the top, do you mean you've removed the whole selector housing? You should be able to see inside the box through a rectangular hole if removed where i suggested above, not just the gearstick turret which you can remove seperately. Your symptoms fit with the grub screw coming loose. If it's not that, it's probably gearbox rebuild time.
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    From my experience i'd guess the grub screw that holds the selector yoke onto the shaft has worked loose. It's not a particularly difficult job but it does require releasing the mounts and lowering the box an inch or 2 on a jack so that you can get the gear selector off the top of the box (it fouls the seatbox on the way out, if you'd rather you could remove the seatbox). Just follow the selector turret back to where it meets the gearbox and undo the 4 bolts that hold it on. You'll have to seperate the diff lock linkage too as this mounts to the gear selector. Once it's off, you'll be able to see the selector shaft and the yoke, it's held on by a single allen head grub screw which you'll need to remove, clean and refit with medium strength thread lock. You'll see the dimple in the shaft that the grub screw should engage in.
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    From the workshop of Les Brock a useful guide to painting LR body panels & other parts click here http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=67196&p=728779

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