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    Yeah you've got to back off every now and then as they can take over your life, as you may know for the last few months up until now I've not spent much money on the 2a with the Cyprus holiday / wedding and as much as I want to get the 2a finished I've really enjoyed not spending money on it and spending the money on other things instead but now its back to spending money on it again
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    Whilst this is after all a Land rover forum, don't get bogged down with trivia e. G. 90. Focus on your parents who will be going through a tough time. You lll always be able to replace a land rover, not the same story with your parents.
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    My 2001 V8 auto has a autobox cooler as standard. Aswell as a cooler for the ACE system. So 4 coolers in total with the aircon and engine rad. To the original question Mine over heated while towing and I couldn't understand it. Got recovered home and couldn't find anything wrong with it. So i took it out and it was fine for 15 miles or so. Then it threw the belt off turned out one of the idlers had seized throwing the belt off. So it must have been effecting the viscous fan or water pump turning. Changed all the idlers tensioner and water pump while it was all apart. Not problem since touch wood. Looking at the state of my aircon rad i think it would benefit from having that taken out.

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