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    With the hot weather set to continue I knew that Sunday was going to be hot, but fortunately it turned out ok with a slight breeze throughout the day. That didn't mean that it would be plain sailing with people not overheating! Copford Sawmill is a small sight with the added restriction of trying not to churn up the fields completely and so we kept to the perimeter of the fields and used all the available wooded areas, which were very tight! The course was around 2.3 miles and so a target of 15 laps was set! To begin with a large queue formed as the course was short, so I quickly joined the queue as I thought it would be tight to get all the laps in. I kept at it until lunch time when I had developed a PAS leak! We let it cool and checked it over. At first I thought it was a leak from the input or output seals, but then found out that one of the unions on top of the box had started to come loose (after I had refitted it last week!) and that there was a drip from the input seal. I checked with race control on how many laps I had to do and surprisingly I had already done 9 out of the 15 and quite a lot of the field had only done 4-6. We topped the pas system up and went for 1 lap with the intention of coming in and checking the level. The leak did reduce but we still had to mop up a small leak. By about mid afternoon we had completed all our laps, which was a relief! There was still about 6 vehicles still completing their laps and about 11 vehicles that had retired. I thoroughly enjoyed this round as the course was a mixture of fields and tight wooded sections, it was almost like going off roading! The final times haven't been published yet, but from the times I did see we are all quite close as there weren't many long straights. They range from 5:15 to 6:30 and I was around the 6 min mark. For the next round I will be swapping out the steering box and fitting a cooler on the return line, as some of you have said that the fluid does get hot, but it doesn't affect the operation of the steering, but it may allow the oil to escape easier out of the seals! I also have a video of the last lap and a lap of the front suspension which I may put up - interestingly the axle didn't hit the bump stop! More photos and videos here:
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    Depending on the size of the item, buy your significant other a day at the Spa and bung the bits in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean the washer nicely afterwards.
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    Road tax is based on engine age and emissions as far as i can tell and hope as that's what I've sent them. Mike

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