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    Td5 is R380/LT230 should be stabdard high range 1.410:1 clutch pedal spring kit will make that lighter. heater -- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/33481-feeling-the-cold-in-your-truck/ heated front screen -- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/22228-heated-front-screen/ headlight -- https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/59511-vw-golf-ii-clear-lens-headlights/ & https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/65291-upgrading-headlight-wiring/
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    I'm based just off the A303 north of Yeovil if someone can get it near to me, I'm working alot at Royal Cornwall Hospital at the moment so I don't mind having a little trip for the last few miles to Camborne.
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    Like these @landroversforever: https://www.sp-4x4.com/LAND_ROVER_DEFENDER_LH_GALVANISED_STEEL_FRONT_DOOR_p/lr703steel-lh.htm Good value compared to even new-take-off Puma versions.
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    Echo that. In ~10 years of machining and messing about with cars, I've had more stuff in my eyes that's bounced into face shields and glasses than I've had stuff hit me without using any protection. It will find a way in, just got to minimise it with stuff like the sealed goggles.
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    That is the new flywheel / ring gear. Old Dual Mass Flywheel removed. All bolted up to the torque converter now. Neil
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    After emptying and organising all the contents of the boxes, there was a complete set of bolts and a retaining plate so beyond any doubt the Ashcroft team had supplied options in the way of X2 spacers, 1 of 1mm and 1 of 2mm... Once all measured to get the required gap it was torque wrench time..... More in another thread... Neil

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