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    To elaborate a little more tomorrow will be the first legal drive (to work). The registration number turned up the Fay before I went to Yorkshire for two weeks with the caravan. I was hoping to take the ibex but towing a caravan to Yorkshire as a first drive is probably not the greatest idea. So now you will all understand why I could order plates online and not run to the motor factors so I could drive it. The plates were sat on the mat when I got home today along with the v5. Yes I did go and fit them before I'd finished unpacking 45. Oh and to add insult to injury something came adrift in the 110's bell housing three days before we left so I had to quickly swap the tow hitch on to 45 and fit the second trailer socket to power the caravan. Guess what I'll be doing later this week. Mike
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    I'm guessing so the effective link length is longer and flatter. Gaining some ground clearance as a bonus.
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    Cheers, will get a puller ordered. Ordered the cable too -£52! 😳
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    Hmm, not worn out a tip yet on mine, very odd that people say they don't last.... @roamingyak, it just uses the fag lighter butane canisters to top it up.

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