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    Can’t beleive the difference Ralph, thanks for the best wishes for MOT..... so far all I can find is the screen wash reservoir needs topped up. 😊
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    Good to read the new servo has made a big difference, best wishes for the truck to ace the MOT.
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    No, galv won't affect your earths...loads of primer and raptor etc will if it's not cleaned off to allow good metal to metal contact for earth straps.
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    That Raptor looks quite nice but Peaklander's rear cross member is the look i'm going for. The chassis rails can have brush strokes on them, that doesn't bother me too much but the majorly visible bits need to look nice and smooth. Stupid question re galv, does it affect my earthing points at all?
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    The load carrying weight of the wheel should be stamped / cast on the inside face of the rim - i.e. visible if you lie down and crawl under rather than take the tyre off. I had similar looking rims on my 110 station wagon when I bought it, and they are rated to 650kg each, which was well below the maximum permitted axle weights. I am not near my 110 just now, but remember the max permitted axle weight being 1850kg. The wheels I have now ( Boost alloy I believe ) are rated to 950kg per wheel. The axle weights are stamped on the plate with the VIN number, but that was on a 300tdi. Don't know if yours will be the same.
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    You're best off just replacing the drop links, they're not expensive. Meyle heavy duty ones are very good. Faffing around trying to replace the rubber boots makes no sense.
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    Series/Defender/RRC/Disco are 5 hole 16mm, 6.5" (165.1mm) pcd.

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