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    Sounds like it would be about 26 TPI then, which is very a fine pitch for the diameter. I had been going to suggest 5/8" UNF until I read the pitch. UNF for that diameter would be 18 TPI. Well whaddya know.... turns out 5/8 " x 26 TPI is British Standard Cycle thread or British Standard Brass (different thread angles on these two).... old as houses.....and Landrovers... https://britishfasteners.com/threads/bsb.html Can get stainless ones here. http://www.stainlessautomotivefastenings.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4301
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    Got up to maybe £12k to spend, want another Disco (started chasing rust on the current TD5), so the options are a really good TD5 or a not quite so good TDV6. I am not in a hurry and will be looking for less than 80,000 on the clock. I am interested in ALL opinions, even trivial ones like 'I don't like the shape', but technical reasons would be nice. Cheers Roger p.s. I don't like rust... I really don't like rust!
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    Top marks for the research, good find
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    I think that has to be a nomination for Anorak of the Year. Fantastic work!!
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    Work has started again and been mainly focused on wiring and fuel lines - so not a great deal to show, but it is getting close to being started. As you’ll have noticed I’ve tried to strike a balance between having the 200 - but keeping a period ‘meant to be there’ look. So the bulkhead panel now carries a fuse, the junction box, and the diesel filter - instead of what would have been the petrol pump, a regulator, and a fuse. The side lights on these are absurdly expensive expensive .... doesn’t help that they are also sold as fitment for some old Bentley. In fact nothing prepares you for series 1 prices .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-NOS-GENUINE-LUCAS-L451-SIDE-LAMPS-Assembly-LANDROVER-Series-ONE-80-52047-/263910711700 and http://geros1968.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=998 Mine were ok on the outside but the bulb holders inside were in a rough state, so I reformed them to hold some LED lights I found on YouTube of the right sort of size. Same type as these: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153156827939 Theyve gone in really nicely and boy are they brighter than what was in there before: Dash is all built up and wired in too now - just missing the right fitting for the oil pressure half of the dual gauge. You can also see the starter switch fitted here. Originally that was on the other side over the gearbox tunnel, but the 200 fits snugly against the bulkhead over there now. Happy with that though - better ergonomics where it is.
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    One thing i have noticed is the values rising for the older models, so perhaps now is the time to buy/restore a D2 so you catch them as they start to appreciate - i think they will. Get much more modern (like the D3) and catastrophic failures will see the car scrapped (I suspect our D2 will be with us long after the D3 has gone) - I think the D2 is as fixable as some of the older vehicles on your drive. Having said that, i met someone who has fitted a D4 engine into his D3 the other day - not phased at all by the D3/D4!
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    Ok I'll put in a few words for the D2: To me there is no question that that D2 is a more refined version of D1, but this in the end depends on what you to use it for (ticks the box for longer journeys). D2 is a simple good road going vehicle and if the well known failure points are addressed would be one to keep: - Chassis (mid to rear section) has got to be good - so no underseal/bodging and evidence of a charmed life are essential (and even then you will oil it twice a year) - TD5 cylinder head - it will fail eventually, especially it seems to me if you push it slightly (mine fell down after a 95mph run) - budget for AMC replacement (gulp) £1400. Either that or treat it carefully! - the other bits are almost service items - loctite for oil pump bolt / engine loom replacement / ACE repair (or delete if you're inclined). And values are falling all the time for D2s - one could be bought relatively cheaply ......
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    I have had the RRS version of the D3 for 8 years and is the most reliable car I have owned - drives great, handles great and is easy, simple and cheap to service but I do it all my self and only contract other things that I am too lazy to do. The TD5 is great but is from an earlier generation.
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    Ooohhhh... Now I am swinging the other way!!! I really do like the thought of the D£ (sorry typo, I meant D3)
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    So to wrap up my monologue, the nut is equivalent to 17H8769 from a Mini and other British classics. They're not identical as they come in chrome, but meh 🤷‍♂️. They're eight sided which makes them quite unique and I hadn't noticed before. Genuine on the left, Mini on the right
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    +1 for what reb78 said I've never tried a TD5 but I had a 110 and a 300 tdi D1 and particularly loved the D1. The only electronics it had were the windows, it was unstoppable. I had a D2 V8 and absolutely loathed it. So much so that if the if the only LR choice was a D2 I'd be looking at another make However the D3 is an awesome vehicle. It'll go any where the 110 or D2 will go, carries a heap of gear and super comfy Really, the ride is excellent, it you're in one that's wallowing there's some thing wrong with it. However, like all old motors it'll need work to make sure its reliable. So to be affordable IMHO you need to be able to do the work your self and budget accordingly for it in your purchase price. As reb78 said, it all sounds and looks a bit scary at first but once you get into its very straight forward If its been looked after and you keep the maintenance up you'll develop a perma grin every time you sit behind the wheel. If you buy a poorly maintained one be prepared to go through and carry out preemptive maintenance on every major system. In fact that's what you should regardless of its condition if for nothing more that peace of mind. If you can't do the work yourself that might hurt your pocket a fair bit HTH
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    You're most welcome. Let us know how you get on
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    I've got both (and a 110! - a glutton for punishment) The D3 is a bit scary to start with, but once underneath it, its all just usual car parts, just a little more complicated in some areas than its predecessor. We paid just over £7k for a 2007 D3 with 68,000 miles on the clock and an extensive service history. So, with your budget, you could buy a D3 to enjoy whilst you are rebuilding the D2...! I find the D3 a good ride, not wallowy and i like the air on all four corners vs back end on the D2. It handles well so it seems like i differ to Dave above in my opinion there. The TDV6 is a nice engine, plenty of power, but so is a TD5 with a remap. Silly thing is, out of all three land rovers, I always find myself picking up the keys to the 110! There's something more satisfying about driving it compared to the other two!
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    I am liking the way this is going - re-chassis and refurb all the iffy bits like ACE and air suspension (which I like), but it's a lot of wok for an old man with a full time job... Maybe I could get somebody else to do it... <<musing>>
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    Re chassis yours, easy job with a 2 post lift and you have enough in the budget to buy one. sills are nice to repair with the body off.


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