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    Was great weather today. Getting bigger every time I go. There were at least two Dutch businesses there selling stuff which I'd not see before. Just as I arrived the marshalls confused the traffic and a BMW t-boned a Freelander at the entrance. They were not happy.... The website has a prepay and print your own ticket option now, but only saw it too late to use it. Would save 10 mins queuing to get in. Hardly any new take off stuff these days (for obvious reasons) so you really have to hunt for the good stuff. There was a new stand I'd never seen selling recon diffs and t-boxes. Very shiny and newly painted, yet I looked at one of the diffs and it had very obvious damage where a crownwheel bolt had come loose and jammed in the diff carrier. You need your wits about you to avoid the tat.
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    Applied one of the temp stickers on thursday, after a long drive up A30/M5/M4 to Wiltshire, just took this photo. Transfer box got up to 88 degree C. Transfer box seems to be quieter with the increase in oil & cooling ability.

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