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    I reckon that's more likely to be the 2020 Range Rover refresh, than a new Defender... If you look at the front, it's similar to the current RR, and the boxing on the back would hide the sloping rear of a RR (although it does kind of look like it's a disguised pick up). The bonnet also looks like a clamshell design (although disguised) which is one of the big RR signature features...
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    It is all a wiggle and a challenge to fit Jamie, but: I can get the battery under the drivers seat with 100mm below the floor line and 100mm above. All I have to miss is the rear donut mount. I shouldn’t need two batteries for its next perceived race work, so the second battery gets removed. It smells like the back is going to loose about 6” in length? Quarter pipe cross member moves up as well as forward. All that moving around puts the front winch mount as far back as possible, just behind the centre line of the rear axel on the left hand side, but still inside the LH chassis rail. The rear winch rope may have to pass over front winch motor? The fuel tank also goes up and forward The front rope then has 2 foot to self reeve before it passes through the big square central crossmember. If that hole is a tube-slot it gets more free movement. Aim: get the back axel load heavier than the front, ditch the ALRC silhouette, reduce weight globally and make the front as light as possible so it kicks over terrain rather than ploughing in. I want my cake and eat it

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