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    Finally sorted, things move slowly here. Took it to the Diesel Specialist who did the bearing/seal replacement and its come back spot on, no charge as under warranty from the repair. Couldn’t get past reception to find what had been done, fitter not available. The throttle stop adjustment which had been sealed with paint has been adjusted and repainted, the idol screw has been adjusted accordingly. I don’t know what if any internal work had been done. I think it was basically as “monkie’s” problem/diagnosis.
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    Absolutely how I feel about the latest autos. I drove Dad's Disco 4 for a while when it was new, and at low speed I found it quite indecisive and not at all smooth. On my old Discovery V8 auto, plant it and you'd go, any situation, any time. It was brilliant and as you got to 40 in 1st gear if you were in a hurry, and about 70 in 2nd, delays changing gear were not really a thing. The ultimate power may have been less but the confidence that it would do what you want (and that you knew what it would do) was there. The only gear that was unresponsive in terms of acceleration was 4th, so if you were in a hurry or feeling keen you just leave it in 3 and enjoy
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    Couldn't agree more! It's the same with Lotus: they worked on a V8 in de 70s, but it took 20 years before the Esprit finally got a V8 and by then they couldn't afford/find a strong enough gearbox, so had to downtune it.
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    You mean the Iceberg Diesel? The Rover V8 Diesel on the basis of the petrol V8! A pitty.. it would have been THE engine for the Range Rover and Defenders in those days (the Eighties). Always a pitty to read about those abandonded projects due lack of cash! 😕
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    You can get pinhole leaks in the pipes, too - it's worth checking for any damage where they run near the exhaust (particularly where they cross it above the rear axle - which is also a common place for the exhaust to corrode through, though I can't remember if the line to the reservoir runs across there). Feel for rough patches where the pipe has melted. If you do have a damaged pipe you don't have to replace the whole of it - you can't get push fit joints so you can just cut out and replace a section.
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    Did this problem start straight away after the pump was refitted? If so it is worth speakign the diesel specialist first, would it be possible to drive there so they can see the problem? My 19J had this poblem when I rebuilt it. Turned out to be the throttle lever was out of sync with the idle adjustment (the smaller lever with no cable attached). I think from memory I backed the throttle adjustment right back then got the tick over speed set by adjusting the stop on the smaller lever. I hope that makes sense!
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    I went down that route with my V8 90, and it did make a difference, although it didn't make it as light as I would have liked My knee suffers with the clutch in heavy traffic, or a day's off roading, so lighter is better. When I stuck the auto box in the 90, I kept the sprung assisted pedal (in storage, not in the car, ), and that is what I have stuck in the 110. The pedal assembly has been refurbished, and re-lubed etc to ensure optimum function. The servo will be complementing this. If it is too light to function well I can always add a spring, or even take off the assist spring. You're right that the diesel clutches do feel a fair bit heavier at the pedal than the V8. My all time heavy LR clutch has to be the 2.5Td & LT77 combo, although I found the Td5 heavier than the V8 too.

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