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    There you go I've learnt something to. Mike
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    ABRO was the Army Base Repair Organisation. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Base_Repair_Organisation "The plate says the engine was rebuilt for ABRO, which means it was done by an outside contractor. There were a number of diverse companies doing this work as well as some ABRO workshops. ". Army service would also explain the date discrepancy; the earlier date is likely to be when Land Rover assembled it, the later date is when the Army disposed of it, and it first gained its civilian registration. If you want to know the type, 11J, 12J, etc, then the guys here will need some pictures to show timing chain / belt cover, overview of the cylinder head, and a view showing any diagonal stiffening ribs on the side of the block, or that there aren't any!! Regards
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    same color wires from switch to motor, but plain black is earth at switch only, Red90's info should get the motor powered & running.
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    Just watched that Gordon Murray dry build video, its impressive stuff. I think what is astonishing though is the number of builds that are visible around the workshop and yard. I know its beyond most of our budgets (if not our dreams) but the Retropower guys have obviously tapped into a serious vein there. Good stuff lads, and thanks for sharing, .. look forward to seeing something on the door builds here soon.

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