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    I think Britpart sell head gaskets in packs of ten.
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    Shame you don't have the 90 on the road Ross 😉 Mo
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    Gotta agree with this sentiment. My viewing time in between dealing with the demands of small people is short. 15-20 mins is manageable - 40 mins is not. The interviews didn't really grip me. I found myself fast forwarding parts of them. The work on the cars, the facilities, and the explanations of what you're doing are my thing. I'm a Landy guy with a 110 to keep going, and a Vogue SE to bring back to life one day, but I still find the Esprit very interesting. This is because so many of us also are lone workers on our projects. The fact you are working alone makes your achievements seem more within the grasp of the rest of us. Keep up the good work George
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    Sorry that is meant to be unipump not unipart
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    There's people on here running electric vacuum pumps with much success, it would be my choice if I ever had a stinky clattery old engine in my LR
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    The only way to get the headrest metal part is to strip another headrest from a scrap vehicle/seat. its not available or listed as a seperate item in the parts listings.

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