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    That sounds like a hellish amount of work and a good way to bu&&er the resale value of the van compared to an easily-done square window that any auto glazier should be able to whack in in their lunchbreak, if you don't mind me saying! Especially as you're lodging in a body-shop right now, someone must know someone who can fit a couple of windows in your van for a few quid.
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    The loads indeed go through the floor, but a heavy bench stops the whole lot moving around when the hammering is in a non vertical plane
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    A plan is forming for me to collect from Anderzander this Friday, I can then pass on to Ed for transit further south.
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    I think that if it were the slave cylinder seals leaking you should see a loss of fluid. The master cylinder seal can allow the fluid back past the seal and into the reservoir. Have a look at the push rod from the clutch pedal and see if there is any fluid leaking there, it's a sign that the master cylinder is past its best.
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    Thank you. As I suspected. No such thing as "the wrong place" on a Land Rover.
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    Hi, IF you're happy you've bled the clutch properly then I'd say it's worn master/slave cylinder seals. Griff
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    Unless there's someone closer to @FridgeFreezer then I'm happy to either hold onto parts or if I'm passing Mike or John I can drop them off, nothing planned as yet apart from that work trip passing Basingstoke. For me it would be slightly easier if James could collect on the way south - the weekend up in the Highlands is going to be pretty full-on as I'll be driving up early doors Friday morning, buying this rifle for Dad and then heading on up. We're then heading back on Sunday with hopefully a couple of deer so minimising delays would be preferred. At least if I end up with them this weekend then they're down in Surrey at the very least.
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    floor cross members are very well attached and substantial I beam style. the plan is the locate the tie-down hooks over the cross members and bolt straight through the floor into the I beams. should be more than strong enough!
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    I think Britpart sell head gaskets in packs of ten.
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    Back on subject, some gratuitous spam of Mike's stunning new truck, a real credit to you chap.


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