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    That guy in the video doesn't know the difference between PWM, MPPT, buck/boost regulation, and a hole in the ground... he also doesn't seem to understand the control schemes of any of the various controllers he tests. MPPT controllers still use PWM to regulate the charge, MPPT is just a smarter control scheme and that STM32 micro is more than up to having an MPPT control scheme in it. Anyway - I realise the cheap ones are cheap, but in response: That's why our setup has many fuses (in & out of both controllers) MPPT makes very little difference unless you absolutely must get every last bit of power out Many of the expensive ones are not provably any better (they wax lyrical about them in the marketing but are light on technical deets) I've had them apart and they're not horrifically badly made They've worked fine for some time now Given they're rated for 10/20/30A and your panel will never pass 5A, you've got a fair safety factor These ones at least show you some vaguely useful info for your £20, expensive ones tend to have a couple of blinky LED's and that's it. £20 doesn't buy you a dashboard battery gauge these days. If you weigh the difference between a £20 eBay one and a £200 CTEK, you might gain 10~20% performance with real MPPT (assuming the eBay one isn't MPPT) - for a 100W panel that's <24WH/day. If you really need that extra ~20%, spending some of the £180 difference on a bigger battery (or a pair of batteries) is going to be waaaay better value - every time you move, your alternator will dump way more juice back into the battery than your panel can manage, and with only lights, water pump and maybe a webasto to run even a small 100Ah battery will last days with a basic 100W panel + cheap controller topping it off.
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    After last years cancellation, it is all change at the Croatia Trophy; There is a new location, but more importantly there is a new class structure. Apart from the Trophy class and adventure class, there is now also the Legend class; This is a class for production based vehicles. Space frames and portal axles are not allowed in this class, which is good news for us with land rover based vehicles. It means a more level playing field is created and we don't have to retire our vehicles just yet. I would have preferred a maximum tyre size as well, but from where they were with no rules at all, this is big step forwards: http://croatia-trophy.org/ct/info-17th-ct/ Any takers? Daan
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    All done everything back in 👍🏻
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    That's a good point - fit Britpart, fit it again 2 weeks later...
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    I have to do the very same thing to mine! Let us know how you get on 😊
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    Thank you all! It's definitely a plodder. Got her up to 60mph down a hill the other day. I didn't buy her for racing though so I'm happy. Just need her to start when it's chilly!
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    have a read of my post called feeling cold in your truck, it gives you info on how to set up the cables.
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    I may be being stupid, but that has a heatsink on it already.
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    Is it not a better idea to improve the quality of your mechanics, rather than solve the problem by giving them 'less breakable' engines to work on? A numpty mechanic will mess up a Cummins just as easily as they will a Td5.

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