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    They call it a radial arm drill, a lot of the toolmakers I use still have them for deep cooling channels, lifting holes as the machining centres can't work with such long drills and they're all hugely over engineered so never need replacing. I'm like everyone else those, nowhere to put it
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    Nice to see the rust gone and solid metal in its place. I treated my footwells as you describe and the rust is starting to come back under the paint (5 years later so not too bad). What top coat did you use? I just used a cellulose based paint.
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    I meant to thank you for the link to a2stainless.co.uk, but got side-tracked (so thank you!) - I've used him loads of times before, and every time has been a pleasure - I will send him an email and see if he can help. As for the ACME thread form designation - it certainly looks though it could be - it would be a great help to know if it is!
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    It's reasonable work, outdoors. I've done worse, and it's lasted fine. I've done better, on the bench, having done all the prep myself. lots of anti rust, high zinc primers, decent top coats and anti corrosion wax and it will last a good long time. G.
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    On LR Series website they are listed as ACME bolts --- http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/2648/AM605061-ACME-BOLT-OUTER-WING-TO-BULKHEAD.html?search=AM605066&page=1 so you need to talk to roadrunner & coyote to find out how to order stainless steel version if they exist from ACME Corporation but seriously try these guys http://www.acmestainless.co.uk/results_nuts.asp?Category=49
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    Incoming mist has prevented painting of top coat, [a tomorrow job] but got the primer on & put the tarp on for the night.
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    Aaah yes, if they can't grasp that it's best to leave them to it.
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    Do not fill it with waste oil! It'll drip on the road, creating danger for motorcyclists- it makes it horrible to work/weld in future and if you go off roading/wading you'll pollute watercourses.

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