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    A big thanks to @Anderzander, @Retroanaconda, @Ed Poore and of course @FridgeFreezer, who delivered the parts at the workshop yesterday. 🖕
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    Evening all, not managed to do anything this week, due to foul weather and domestic distractions. Hopefully will be back at this problem very soon, and keen to let you all know if I'm successful. All best, Tim
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    Well I bit the bullet, destroyed my bank account, and bought a D4. No doubt I will soon start asking questions, it is also my plan to start a post of all the things I think are noteworthy about it... Here it is in it's natural element:
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    One thing to bear in mind is that you do not want the MS wiring to act as the earth for the engine. That's why you normally try to use a point on the engine for all earths. If you consider the, not uncommon, situation where the earth strap between the engine and body fails, you don't want the MS or it's wiring to try and take it's place. All the earths in the MS are joined together so if, for example, you have one earth connected to the battery and one earth connected to the engine then the MS can try and provide a path for the starter motor if the earth strap fails or goes high resistance. Picking up earths on the body side of the strap and then having another earth (TPS, coolant temp etc...) going to the engine means you risk bridging the earth strap. Anyone who's ever had their handbrake cable try to do that job will probably know why that's a bad idea.
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    I wonder if this is ever likely to make series-production and then be type-approved for the UK? https://products.rivian.com/suv/ https://products.rivian.com/ And if so, what sort of tax-breaks/subsidies would be available to purchasers here? If they can get a range of 250 miles on one charge I'd seriously consider it!
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    Bits are now in Surrey. We very nearly forgot to transfer then from one vehicle to another but thankfully James put them somewhere obvious in the back of his 90 so spotted them this morning...

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