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    The 'Toyota tax' in Australia is a standing joke but remember Toyota is actually a religion there rather than a vehicle manufacturer. Now that there is no local vehicle production in Australia I wonder if vehicle import duty will decrease? I could also be accused of comparing apples to oranges as I think the Australian ones are all VDJ whereas I'm quoting 1HZ. The base model 79 series with a 1HZ could be had for only $21,395. Notice I'm using USD, not Sterling, that's £16,219 or AUD 29,082 for a basic one. Obviously that's without registration, shipping or any taxes and very much status dependent but shows you what Land Rover is actually up against. I have no idea what it costs to make a car but if an iphone by all accounts is about $50 to make, is there the same markup for cars? Are they like diamonds where the price is carefully controlled by supply to the demand, a strategic waiting period to imbue one with a sense of value? I would imagine it to be a lot more cutthroat than that but I'd also imagine there to be a much healthier margin for range rovers than a utility vehicle. I do however know that Toyota wouldn't sell the 70 series if they didn't make money from it. Japan has no natural resources, has expensive labour and very strict standards on everything that we have standards for. How can they do it and we somehow can't? I understand that JLR is a niche producer and maybe can't borrow finance at the same rate but they could build a cheap utility vehicle if they wanted. The 70 series shows cheap doesn't mean low quality.
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    They must mark them heavily in Aus then, as the base spec Workmate 79 can’t be had for less than $70K, so about £40K. Jeep Wranglers in the UK appear to have benefited from Defender prices, as used prices are now a lot higher than just a couple of years ago. Jeep UK seem to have taken advantage of this and added £10K+ to the price of a JL compared to the equivalent JK before. So in the UK they’re asking about £48K for Rubicon, the equivalent cost ~$44K in the US. The new double cab pick up looks good...
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    this is the o/s/r. cylinder viewed from the rear of the wheel
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    Glow plugs draw a heavy current, voltage drop across them will be significant. Though, 12.2V from your battery shows it is weak, this will also cause the voltage drop to be greater than normal. I don't think you will find a problem with the plugs, operation sounds normal, even if at lower voltage. You can test them by removing and giving them 12V, the tip should glow a nice red/orange.
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    George, just watched latest, you are on a roll.

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