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    Not here to sell things are we @defendertune ?? I'm sure you read the rules when you signed up.....
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    I almost buy myself some kind of tracked vehicle on a weekly basis!
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    That should work as a temporary fix, but watch your temperatures in the heat, you might find it starts running hot.
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    Yesterday, I had the arboriculturalists [tree-surgeons] contracted by Scottish&Southern Energy come to do do the five-yearly growing-Ash-tree-clearance of the 33Kv powerlines that run over my land. In the past they had Defender-110s as their standard transport, and a 6-wheeled (6x4) Defender-130 carried their cherry-picker for extended access. And a Defender 130 HCPU with built-up sides to haul away logs/wood-chips. They still have the cherry-picker D130. They own it outright. You can't get a 3-year lease on Defenders any more so the 110s have been replaced by top-of-the-range 3.2 auto "Wildtrak" Ford Rangers and the replacement for the HCPU is a Mitsubishi "FUSO" tipper-truck. Later in the day their boss came by and I had a chat with me over a couple of cups of coffee [he saw my 90TD5, and got on well with my dog]. He says that the Rangers are faster, more crew-friendly and more economical than the 110s, automatics don't suffer clutch-burnout issues when shunting trailers in the yard, and that the replacement for the cherry-picker will probably be UNIMOG-based. He said that the biggest 'traction' challenges his guys have were when contour-following over the downs on early-morning-dew-wet spring grass while towing a loaded trailer. Tail-wagging-the-dog, the tow-vehicle tends to end up having its back-end dragged through-90-degrees and pointing straight-up the incline, which is not-easy to recover from. The boss drives a V8 LandCruiser which he says is better than any Range-Rover. I wonder how any "Defender 4.0" will address these sorts of considerations? [Me? Well, I've gained a couple of tons of logs and a bit of enlightenment from the chat].
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    On a different note, I have booked a test drive in the new Jimny for 2 weeks time. To me this is far more what I'd want from a new Defender.

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