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    Despite the 606's known and widely accepted 'bulletproof' status, there are things on any 'junkyard' OM606 that require attention. A standard engine has an IP which is EDC. You need to find a mech ip from an OM603 and at least swap the elements from the 606 over (6mm) Better still, Goran Lindgren (superturbodiesel) and IP guru, will do an IP conversion / rebuild (better than anyone else on the planet) and you can bolt it on. elements / bhp is your choice. an 8mm super pump is overkill for everything other than full-on tractor pull / race. 6.5mm is more than enough, by which time you will want something bigger than the standard turbo. Glowplugs are a neglected item on 606's, and can cause big frustration when trying to remove / replace. an engine with regular servicing will not have this issue. rule#1 is do the glow plugs before you put the engine in the vehicle, and do it properly, you won't have an issue. big bhp applications need the rear water jacket mod, and valve springs at minimum. Mild boost and fuel needs nothing except EGR blanking plate. There are some manifold shortcuts you can take which make it quick and easy to remove, it involves removal of some of the inlet manifold webbing between the runners, and it will allow you to access all the bolts with a rattle gun. Makes IP access / adjustment super easy. EGR blanking plate. Any turbo swap will involve a custom manifold, to replace the OEM flange. F-tune Freddie is the 606 manifold guru. Alternator relocation bracket (will need exhaust manifold mod) raises the alternator higher to almost level with valve cover. Dominic @ k2designandfabrication.co.uk makes the brackets. SMT / GazFab do bolt-in conversion kits to the ZF auto or LT. 12-13L/100km is easily achievable with a laden vehicle.. If you spend time (and some money) tuning and sizing your turbo correctly, don't drive like an idiot and learn the engine power curve, the economy can be far better. But beware. You need to learn some Mercedes-language and stick to the Mercedes servicing schedules. If you do, the reward is absolutely flawless longevity. Any neglect or abuse without comparable servicing will net you a boat anchor, just like the bmw, Volvo, ford, duramax transplants. It's all relative, either be prepared to learn and enjoy the fruits of your effort, or stick with what you know and understand. Nothing wrong with a sorted 300tdi, I'd argue better than a td5 and less hassle, but they do have some obvious known issues which need attention. So do the 4bd1t's, but you have to ask yourself, are we agricultural or are we accepting of modern technologies. Ultimately that's what will dictate your swap. It's all entirely dependent on you getting a good motor first, and that applies to any swap, regardless. If you get a dud, then you're always going to be complaining.
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    The centre seat should sit down straight onto the top hat sections. The seat back is fitted the same way as your existing backs. There really is very little to the non-adjustable early seating. The MoD left the centre seat out specifically to make clambering into the back easier. It does give you somewhere to dump a medium sized pack or bag, too. Swings and roundabouts, but having originally had a centre seat and replaced it with a cubby, I'd not go back.
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    I find LED is brighter but is more focused, it doesn't seem to have the spread of a filament lamp. Although I did once compare my Chinese LEDs with some genuine laser lamps and they were a world apart so perhaps there is a quality issue there.
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    Having even a small child occupy the centre seat is a real nuisance when driving, so unless you really love the aesthetic, it'd be best to leave it out and fit a small cubby or the plastic tray from the commercial vehicles to tidy things up. But having the empty space makes climbing to and from the rear much easier than if you fit a seat or cubby. If you have the bracket I suspect, a double top hat section with two seat back pivot brackets, then you could just run a thin blade down the middle to split it in two for the centre seat and leave the existing adjustable bases as they are.
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    I think this will be a very worthy addition to the GKN. I have no doubt this will help reduce wear and also make maintenance easier with the drain plug!! I plan to fit something similar very soon hopefully. Even so, I would still recommend changing the ATF at every engine service.
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    Thanks for the information, i wont have time untill the christmas weekend. I will do over the tests that my dad did to get a picture för my self of how it feels. Since its hard to without actually done them myself. I will comment on how it went and what the result is, still hoping for the best. It could be that the pump is seized since it has gothenburg worse över time and that she (the 110) has been left standing for a longer period of time. I have spareparts so it's a matter of switching the components and try.
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    I think the other way they look at it is that there are lots of people who see an expensive car as a sign that they are better. So if the guy parked next to them at the gym is in a £60k Lexus and they're in a £100k Range Rover that makes them feel good. If Land Rover turned their Range Rover out for £50k the buyer wouldn't be happy as it's cheaper than the Lexus. And today the purchase price is often not that important as most are HP, leased, company vehicles etc and the list price isn't the only factor in what that monthly bill is. I understand why they do what they do, common parts with the other products, maximum profit per slot on the production line etc but it is a shame they couldn't just update the defender in terms of make the panels fit, stop is going rotten and make the driving position a bit more comfortable rather than load it up with electronic gizmos and turn it into another SUV.


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