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    Just like to wish forum members near and far a very happy Christmas, have only been a member for a short while, although linked by an affinity for Landrovers in their many guises I find the assistance and advice given to what is essentially a faceless stranger for most members, exceptional .I personally should have joined years ago thank you.Whatever your projects or repairs are in 2019 I wish you success and fun in doing them Stephen
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    How wrong was I thanks to my brilliant wife
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    I have been on here for years and your findings are true. I have met many through this forum that I consider friends some of those I've never actually met face to face. Long may it continue and seasons greetings to all. Mike
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    Took the Defender for a drive today. No problems and a fun drive. My Christmas miracle! Happy Holidays and a wish for successful wrenching for 2019! C
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    Well, thank you, all, you've given me a lot of confidence that I can change out the box without any trouble. A great Christmas present. Now I can attempt to repair the old box without worrying that if it doesn't work out I'll be looking for a new one. And I wish you all a very good Christmas and a muddy new year. Mike
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    Continued the work on the defender. Started the day by inspecting the check valve on the servo (hell of work to get out) which was working. After that i compared the the sucktion with my dads defender which had a much stronger suction. something was still not right. The last owner had installed a aftermarket cruisecontrol operated on vaccum, decided to block it of. suction got a Little beter so decided to replace the hose with one from my spare parts car. and had full suction again. with the hose attatched pedal works like it should again! aint that a proper christmas present seems like the problem was a bad vacuumpump and hose. Will have a testdrive tomorrow to make sure Everything works and either come back with moer info or make a summery of what happened, which test i did and what was faulty so someone else may have some help from it. anyway thanks everyone for your help! One last question could the vcuumhose from any universialhose or does it need to be a specifik one?
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    I also agree, the members on here have been so helpful to many of us in our trials during rebuilds or just ownership. I hope you all have a good Christmas to those who celebrate and a healthy, joyous & prosperous new year to all.And yes we should give extra thanks to those who work the festive season to keep us safe and well.๐Ÿคถ๐ŸŽ…
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    Ho ho bleedin' ho, I'm working ๐Ÿ–• But don't let that stop you enjoying Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ Merry Christmas chaps Mo
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    Merry Christmas to all where ever you are locatied, hope everyone has a great festive time & you all have some LR/4x4 items in your presents.
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    Seasons greetings folks...have a good one๐Ÿ˜‰
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    I quite agree , everybodyโ€™s knowledge and willingness to help is invaluable . Merry Christmas to everybody . Ian
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