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    Yes, here it is.
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    Good lord, someone puts facts to a discussion. Next thing you are going to let the truth stand in the way of this intercooler debate.. Daan
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    True, but it makes later fault finding a nightmare if the circuit diagram is describing a wire that is green and blue and you can't remember what colour wires went where or worse still they are all the same colour!
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    When mates arrive with drinks, you hand them a grinder
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    I've got one of the Dixon-Bate combined ball-and-pin hitches on the rear of my Defender, attached to the factory-fit towbar mounts. That's the only 'recovery' facility I think I need. I work on the principle that if I ever get stuck while going-forward the sane and obvious way to recover me is to pull me backwards, out of the way I got into the mess, not by pulling me forwards and so further-into the problem. I do have a genuine LR tubular steering-guard in the shed, bought around 2002 but so far never fitted. None of the 90s/110s/Defenders I worked with professionally over the years had any sort of recovery-fitments on the front. Same applied to the RB44 "mobile laboratory" [a truly-horrible thing which we were glad to see the back of]. Get stuck, and you came out the way you went-in. A Tirfor was the standard provision, the sweat you worked-up in extracting your couple of tons of mired truck was part of the process of learning not-to-do-stupid-things-next-time.
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    Maybe he should just buy a field, I don't know somewhere near, maybe, Guildford. He can then have a barn and store all his vehicles here for when he breaks them. I'd offer to look after it for him of course
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    Watching with interest as I've got one to get round to sometime!
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    That colour Cant wait to see it all finished, she’s going to be a beauty!!!
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    The next batch is back from paint: Theyve come out really well. The two uprights are the panel for the windscreen - I had two so got them both painted. Under the tailgate are the doors wrapped up. Next step is cleaning the galv capping sand starting to rivet it back on. Seat box has gone for paint and I have most of the fittings for the heater to crack on with that when it’s back. i bought a lubrication plate that fits on the slam panel - it’s actually possibly a later one than for this 80” - but rivet counters may not notice whilst they are distracted by the 200tdi?
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    Just been sent these by the owner of the Hoist, Chris. Rob filling up his disco (again). I will admit this TD5 was far better than his V8 D2. Old times, Billy sat at the top of a big hill filled with gallons of water for a water slide.
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    Hi ian. This is my take on it. I used the original part but flipped it and put a pair og small tubes (approx 20 mm) between the airconboltholes and the bracket. Connected the arm to the bolt connecting the speedercable to the pump and voila. 😀 I have used this setup a couple of times and runned it for 8 in this car. Please ignore the disconnected kickdowncable, it seized last week... /mads
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    Any sign of episode 40? 😊


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