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    5 hours of education mutley 😂 Mo
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    Chuffed there's a Denbigh in the Brooklands museum, thanks man! They're not kidding around either because it's wired to the wall. Seems to be missing it's spindle front cover but otherwise really original. The wobbly wire cage dates it between '57 and '75 I think. So is @Escape 's JPS can the one standing on the foot? Giz a look! The welder thing ran up to the holidays but just before end of business I made contact with our ESAB agent here who was very helpful and has contacted ESAB HQ directly on my behalf. I haven't heard back yet. Tomorrow I'll be starting the chase again. The welder campaign climbed to $1600, which is amazing and thanks a million it's very exciting, and after Go Fund Me fees, money transfer and exchange rates that's roughly €900. I'll put in the ton to get it to €1k and hopefully that's enough to offer a company for a cost price machine that retails for a higher value sso I can get something really nice. The MIG & AC/DC TIG machines are at least twice that and I'd love one, but failing that maybe I can do a deal for a separate MIG and lesser TIG machine. I really want to start to learn to TIG weld, not least because I'd like to fab my own alu fuel tanks for the Esprit. I've also been in talks with a major car restoration hardware provider who asked me to make a wish list, on that list is a bead roller and panel pins and dimple dies and a decent hammer set. Here's hoping.
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    This is one of my good mates 88" and as it currently resides at my place I took liberty of starting a little thread about it on here Its a good old trusty offroad warrior with lockers front and rear (10 spline front, and 24 spline rear) PAS setup using P38 box. Last winter it got a heart transplant to a nice running 200Tdi out of a D1 so all in all a nice capable offroader But there's always things to change and stuff to make better so now its my turn to throw some tools and steel at it First job was to swap out the front bumper, the one that was on there was nicely made but sat waay too low so it was constantly dragging on the ground: Therefore he bought a used tubular one for a Defender and after drilling some new holes I was able to fit it up: A nice and relatively easy task to start with, next I'll be moving on to a more serious matter.. 6 pointing the 4 point roll cage and it all has to fit inside the cab and under the canvas, and of course take up as little room as possible at the same time If you guys have questions about some of the stuff on it, or want some pictures I'll be happy to help as long as its in my custody
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    I was being cheap! At some point i am sure I will need to chamge the chassis and bits like this can be upgraded properly then. Gonna need to do mine this week really as it needs its MOT and I dont think it will pass with the current bit on it.
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    It's a 90 sorry I should have said
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    @ Mo Murphy...... It would seem 5hrs of torturous education accompanied with a story for you to laugh you butt off and chip in with a x5 word comment and collect x2 no sorry x3 (damn i clicked on one whilst reading your reply) hearts/like things at my expense! Oh such is life
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    Ooohh, I could give out a prize here for the correct answer. The Beetle is a 1303s that I'm in the (very slow) process of getting running and road worthy for my daughters 17th, although I'd prefer her to have this 90. Now, the lorry is something a little rarer. Any ideas? It's from the 50's...
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    George - I found a drill like yours: It's randomly parked in the corner of the Brooklands museum F1 section! I got some funny looks taking a photo of this rusty old drill whilst surrounded by F1 cars and even more looks when I took a photo of the JPS oil can for @Escape as it matches his Lotus

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