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    I have to say it amuses me when the foreigners on here apologise for their English. We as a nation are ignorant when it comes to languages but I guess that comes from being one of the more commonly used. I say you guys rock for bothering to use a forum in a non native tongue and I have to remind myself that I'm the one that is deficient in this area. Long may you continue to grace us with your presence and input. Thank you Mike
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    Soren, your grasp of English *puts shame* to a lot of the natives... I knew a Swedish English speaker once, he had learn't most of his english from US porn videos, now that was colourful.
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    It's a Startech MOG, finest Italian leather covered handle with quick release prongs. Does it matter though if I'm just grinding it ? Mo 😊
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    Mate the fault wasn't yours it was mine that is why I apologized..... I am not that good at the written word if it wasn't for the spell check and grammar check there are times I would struggle with my job lol (I work with alot of French and the odd Italian and some days its just hilarious where we end up) but in my defense Albert Einstein couldn't spell either, so I kinda like to think there is hope for me........
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    Well said Mike! and @Soren Frimodt Your grasp of the english language is far better than some of the natives
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    You said that good Mike ☝️
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    If anyone has their own web hosting I'm happy to share my php gallery scripts, they allow you to view a folder of photos like an album & post dynamically resized versions without any query strings which upset forum software. Only thing they don't do is upload files, but that's what FTP is for Example - my album from Brooklands. Example resized pics:
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    Yep, that is the plan. The only thing that I have consistently broken in the standard drivetrain is the 2 pin LR diff centre, so I figure it is fine. I've never broken a CV or halfshaft in anything in about 25 years of driving off road. Red mist is saved for the garage! But the decider for me was that I know of several vehicles here fitted with full ARB lockers, and I can't recall any instance of them popping a CV or driveshaft because of the extra strain. The ATB should put less strain on everything than locked ARBs, so I'm not that worried. Most of the time the circumstances where it comes into play will be where grip between the two wheels on an axle is not massively different but on open diffs enough to make a wheel spin out - the ATB will keep things going but probably with much less than the 3:1 torque bias. We'll see - I just don't want to waste money as if they are good, I've potentially got 3 vehicles to fit them to, and 3 full sets of Ashcroft gear is more than I'm really prepared to spend. If I blow stuff up on the first vehicle I'll reassess the situation then.
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    Or pull the whole hub off, half shaft and all and replace it without cutting it or dismantling the swivel.
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    It's the cheap bit of plastic **** that emits an audible warning (distinctive crunch sound unlike other alarms) to warn you that in another two inches there is going to be a ucking expensive crunch as the hideously expensive and utterly misnamed 'bumper' fails to bump anything and disintegrates into 17 pieces, some of which will be jammed into the steering, others underneath somewhere, and a few lost for all time in the bottom of the relatively shallow ditch you just dropped the nose into
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    George, the drill looked like it could be put into use whenever needed. Though maybe not ideal so close to the old F1 cars... The oil can was just sitting on the foot, as decoration. I would love to have one of those on display in our Workshop! Or just a pack of JPS fags for that matter. I took my JPS Elan to Brooklands for the new years day gathering, the marshals gave it a nice spot not far from the main building. 😎 Filip
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    Regarding wattage, you’re on shaky ground legally by increasing that. Many do it I am sure but 60/55 is the standard. Any H4 bulb will die if it’s dunked I’m afraid. Biggest single improvement can be had by fitting a relay loom to take the feed direct from the alternator to the bulbs. Ensures they get full voltage and also takes the load of the switch. Not expensive to make yourself, or buy a ready-made one. I have a Landreizger one which is very good. After that, decent quality bulbs and clean headlamp units does the rest. High-output bulbs like the Nightbreakers give impressive light levels but the bulb life is reduced significantly. I got through three sets in one winter! I do a lot of miles in the dark (c. 15,000 p.a.) on properly dark roads, and I’ve found that a set of decent branded standard 55/60 bulbs fitted into clean standard Wipac headlamp units and powered through a relay loom gives me more than enough light.


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