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    Hang on, from the other thread... if the new Defender is anything but a 200TDi and costs more than a Ford Fiesta people are going to be outraged and deride it as a flimsy lifestyle bauble, , yet a 70k all-electric thing is now cool?
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    One too many episodes of Project Binky led to me making quite a few nylon block cable/pipe clamps in the 109, but I got fed up trying to add up in a cold shed so made an online version, as well as an OpenSCAD version: Online version - give it a list of spaces, holes, and mounts and it will generate a scale drawing (SVG image) as well as a straight list of holes to drill if you're doing it manually. OpenSCAD version - generates a 3d object you can print or mill as well as outputting a similar drill-list in the comments.
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    So! It’s had a rush of activity 😊 The tubs fitted, so we could space the bulkhead to give the right door gaps. The fronts been on for a bit - but as you’ll know it all references from the fixed point of the rear crossmember. The galv has cleaned up brilliantly and having all the fasteners ready meant it now looks like this:
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    There are no year codes. Just a serial number.
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    lets hope he will finaly have to go to jail. Their car thefts have been all over the news, but that's some time ago already
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    I too have an imaginary electric vehicle that will be 50% better than that one in every way and available in a few years time, honest. https://jalopnik.com/comment-of-the-day-electric-truck-startup-edition-1831593898 Batteries still suck, I park on the street so can't charge anything at home, and the emperor's willy is showing.
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    My new 'CNC' project arrived today for work. It's a 2013 robot, it can lift 130kg at it's full reach of 3.2m so could probably do an engine change . It's retired from a BMW standby production line so has less than 5,000 hours, the company we buy off buy in bulk and refurbish. You can buy just the bare robot or they will build a full production cell or anywhere inbetween. I got them to add a 7th axis as a turntable and if I can get the better of it it will use a variety of tools to shape foam. I have a piece of CAM software which will write the paths as native language, then run it through a post processor to add the extra bits, then load onto the robot... hopefully
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    The arrow marked on the blue ring of the cancelling unit is supposed to point at the indicator unit - most people don’t realise this.
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    Engine number should start with 12L, its stamped into engine block on horizontal surface below number 1 injector & glow plug, just behind the timing case
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    Yes, Disco 200TDI. Take some more photos. A lot of these conversion jobs have some really poor custom work and those are the things to make sure are not overlooked.
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    Looks like a Disco 200TDI conversion.
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    Not a 12J! Looks like an intercooler as part of the rad Peter
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    Where abouts in Cornwall are you? I'm a fabricator welder by trade and could come over when i get a chance and show you how to set your machine up and give you some tips.
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    It's kinda academic as I'm not running a CNC mill in the lounge no matter what mods it has! We try to keep tools and stuff in the shed / garage and keep the house relatively normal otherwise it would get out of hand...
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