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    We've been good at digging very big holes in the earth for a long time then leaving behind a right old mess. Just watch the scene at the end of Get Carter where Michael Caine kills that bloke after the chase and you'll be reminded that we used to dig up stuff out of a coal mine which was full of God know's what toxic materials then dump it straight into the sea and that was not that long ago in the UK! Everything has to be considered - Gathering the raw materials, processing them, production of the battery, transport (often right round the world, before use then again after use), recycling/disposal once their useful life is over. And not just the batteries but also other exotic materials for the motors for example. I found a paper published last year about the effects of recycling Li-ion batteries (not just cars but phones, laptops, tablets etc) and its not just the materials inside the battery; what about the plastics used for the casing, dump it in landfill, burn it? Somethings aren't as bad as you'd think, other's might be far worse. On balance we don't really know - for me, that is the scary part. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305693870_The_Environmental_Impacts_of_Recycling_Portable_Lithium-Ion_Batteries
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    3D print a pattern and cast your own at home with aluminium ? I've continued following every post in your thread and this 80" just gets more and more lovely . The Alum. fab. guy is one skilled person , such crisp and accurate work , as is your paintman too . If you want to acid etch I'd look at brass , again possible in your workshop , if you find yourself in Suffolk on a trip with this I can promise the kettle will be boiling cheers Steve b
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    TBH I think most LR's lend themselves to electrification - strong chassis, lots of space, easy "in" to mount a motor directly to a prop or transfer case.
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    Possibly teaching granny to suck eggs but better said than not... A single piece of 6mm plate is twice as strong in bending as the two pieces of 3mm assembled as you have them. You really need to make the two pieces act compositely by cutting holes in one and plug welding or drilling right through and bolting (a lot!) Of course, if you are not pulling hard with the winch you may be fine. Personally I would hunt around for some 6mm.
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    Wasn't that a fugly nissan? I think you mean the Esarco 8×8
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    Same here, a local agricultural contractor has an 05 Disco he has owned from new and now has 150k miles on it. It looks worse than a builders van inside and out and has not generally been treated that well but he has had no major issues with it. Yes it has had bushes and ball joints etc changed but it probably does 1/3 of its miles on fields He has been ready to change it for a couple of years but does not know what to get - not keen on the look of the new Disco, no idea what the new Defender looks like and if it meets his needs (Changed from a Defender last time as wanted more comfort), does not want a pickup, currently considering a Porsche 4x4 but put off by the wheel/tyre options This is exactly the sort of client base the new Defender should be aiming for - they just need to hurry up and release it so more people don't leave the brand
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    No one is going to miss you parked up at night 😉😊 Mo
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    If all this REALLY is about air quality and pollution, why is it that the Elephant(s) in the room are conveniently ignored. Aviation and shipping. Aviation spreading pollutants evenly into the atmosphere ? Dumping TONS of fuel in flight ? How many aircraft in the air at one time ? I am told by a friend in aircraft engine refurbishment that your average airliner produces around the same amount of NOX during the take off run (not climb) as 6000 diesel cars do in 0NE hour. But of course nothing will be done about that because that will affect the world economy. Then there are the cruise liners...……… another completely unnecessary polluter
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    Foers have been building ibex for 30 years so land rover was a no brainer. But where they go form here I don't know, having said that with the aftermarket availability for land rovers they've got time. Mike
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    Suggestions, hmm, well I spotted this over the holidays which looked very smart in white with the Mach5's: @Shackleton - you're bang on about the comments from some, there's some serious cognitive bias around this place sometimes!
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    I’ve tried a few things - soda blasting, paint stripper, thinners and wire wool, and the best thing is a worn brass rotary wire brush in a cordless drill with the battery starting to fade 😊 A lovely chap, called Graham developed it - and he seems to have just the knack to clean it put not take any off. I think being able to restore the Galv finish makes this - it would look so different with all freshly done parts.
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    I have to say it amuses me when the foreigners on here apologise for their English. We as a nation are ignorant when it comes to languages but I guess that comes from being one of the more commonly used. I say you guys rock for bothering to use a forum in a non native tongue and I have to remind myself that I'm the one that is deficient in this area. Long may you continue to grace us with your presence and input. Thank you Mike
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    And what about the rape of the planet to obtain the precious metals for the batteries ? Holes in Africa as big as London for a bucketful of Lithium or whatever ? We DO have a problem with generation looming in this country I fear


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