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    Been ages since I've used a series other than road testing customer cars, but as I had to break the 110 I keep in Africa and as Defender prices have gone through the roof there, I thought I'd try my hand at a spot of retro overlanding and picked up a nice S2a 109 safari station wagon as a temporary stopgap - sight unseen, and had it delivered to a mates. Apart from a couple of offensive additions (laminate floorboard dash, quickly ripped out & brown velvet Toyota cressida front seats) I hit lucky and it's remarkably original with barely a dent and almost no rust. New rad, water pump, engine tune up and an oil change later and ran it up to Mozambique waiting for the first round of spanner time.... which never came! Absolutely love the 2.6 six cylinder engine - torque not far off a tdi, silky smooth and got over 22mpg overall - not bad for a 50s engine and 80p/litre for petrol it doesn't matter too much. Compared to the old 2.25 petrol or diesel it was a pleasure to drive - no slowing down on hills! Great through soft sand as well, at one point I helped tow a speedboat through very deep coastal sand tracks, passing a brand new Range Rover that was bogged to the floorpan. Well after making it to Moz without a breakdown we chanced a trip through Kruger (the wuffly engine was great for game viewing, rattly tdis & td5s scare the animals off) and Swaziland - whole trip I never had to fix anything, don't think I ever had that with a defender 😏 but did miss a bit of tool time. Great journey and great to reconnect with some of those early landy features.
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    I like this even more now, how can you possibly sell it?
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    It was built in SA at the old Port Elizabeth factory (the front grille badge is cool, has Port Elizabeth rather than Solihull on the casting) - they used thier own chassis numbers but on the paperwork its registered as a 1970 though could easily be 1969 also.
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    and a 101 gs must be close. But that might just be me, I like vehicles that look like boxes that you move stuff in.
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    You aren't entirely right, but it is up there in the top 3 along with a series 1 rag top and a lightweight.
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    Thanks guy, I'll just buy a new stalk then. bit easier.
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    I have a dremel from over 20 years ago and its been great, however the modern ones seem to get a bit of a slating and people seem to rate the Proxxon or just the really cheap ones you get from places like lidl. I wouldn't go battery personally as it's not something I use often so whenever I wanted it it'd be flat unless it has common batteries with your drills or something. If its for bigger work like porting have you considered the bigger die grinders that people like bosch make. Might be more up to the job? At work we just have windy grinders but we have plenty of air there, plenty of hot air too
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    If you have air, a simple cheap die grinder is a great tool, robust and lighter, and will do bigger stuff when asked as well.

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