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    Thought this was an interesting article with some great photos, and a good take on why we love our LR's despite their flaws... https://jalopnik.com/land-rover-and-mercedes-the-king-and-queen-of-the-saha-1831555271
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    This is exactly where LR have gone wrong, and why, when economic downturns occur, their sales plummet. Their woes are not unpredictable - they're through bad management.
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    A modest priced breaker bar is what you need. I've had a Halfords one, and a Britool one for years. Both were birthday or Christmas gifts. Guess which one I managed to break 😮.Btw, the Britool bar fits the Halfords replacement knuckles. I find if you break stuff it's usually because you're using it beyond its intended application.
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    Can we have a forum get together, in say Wales, this year?
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    I have recently had to drill out a seized bolt in my bulkhead. Not the easiest to get aligned, and, of course, I failed. Consequently I ended up with a slightly off-centre hole that was not aligned with the axis of the bolt. So, I was faced with a significant amount of filing with a rat-tail file to recover the original hole dimensions. I decided that a power file would be a great help. I believe that these are available in UK, but I've been unable to find one over here, so I decided to make my own. I already have a reciprocating saw, so I took an old saw blade and a rat tail file and started from there. After trimming both and slotting the file I had this, and after welding, and tidying the weld, it was far too crappy to show, my new tool was ready for use. And it works a treat. A very good time and effort saver at virtually zero cost. Mike
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    Buy those bits from Turner Engineering. They wont sell you rubbish.
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    Fein/Multitool was the best tool I bought, used for lots of things but only had to cut nails with it, not bolts. But the right blade is essential as the standard blades are only bi-metal (for aluminium and copper) I found that https://www.saxtonblades.co.uk/fein-multimaster-bosch-makita-compatible-blades was a good place to get blades and other accessories
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    Well if you need it then let me know - usually I consider a detour under 100 miles to not be a detour... I'm trailering a 40"x1.5m pipe up for someone and then bringing a Bridgeport with horizontal attachments back down.
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    Um, you don't weld a bulkhead to a chassis - it is held on with two long bolts. Whole job requires zero welding, and only needs a grinder if you have to cut a stubborn bolt off (hence buy new nuts & bolts so you can sacrifice a few). Also, the chassis swap is mostly just unskilled labour and a bit of heaving & ho-ing. If you don't own one, borrowing or even buying an engine crane would pay for itself for this job alone. With that, a grinder, and not a lot of other stuff you could do it, albeit slowly, single-handed on a driveway if you really had to.
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    You can't rely on a cheap(ish) impact driver to undo wheelnuts. If one is stuck (for whatever reason), you'll be stuck as well. They can be a big help around the garage and speed up work/ decrease load, but you always need a back-up for when (not if) they can't cope. So a breaker bar or a HD wheelbrace or even the standard one is a better idea, especially if you add a length of pipe. This will greatly reduce the strain on your wrists. If it's only for emergency use, it doesn't matter if it takes a few minutes longer. I've found the handle for the LR bottle jack excellent in combination with the standard wheel brace. And if all else fails, you can put the (bottle) jack under the wheelbrace and use the weight of the car to undo the nut. Filip
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    Thats the easy one, getting the front to look right that is going to be a bit of a challenge....... The paneling to finish the look of the rear is a long way off as I'm just trying to work on the heavy stuff so I can set the leaf springs for the rear, ordered the suspension joints so will have a go at the top links and roof next time I'm home
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    Think I need to get one ordered!
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    I think for life on the road I'd just go with a breaker bar and sockets. Decent impact guns are heavy and can go wrong. Decent breaker bar and socket(s) is pretty foolproof.
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    With some sensible prep (buying new bushes, brake lines, nuts & bolts, and soaking all the critical fasteners with WD40 a week in advance) and a bit of help it's really not too bad. I've posted it before and I'll post it again..

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