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    Fit some genuine ones. The aftermarket ones are nearly always the same size (genuine are handed L/R to make the vehicle sit level) and last no time. My 110 is still on original springs with no sag, 12 years old now and 2400kg on the weighbridge when empty.
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    Another thing to bear in mind is that the Bush sizes are bigger on later axles, from memory the change occurred with the introduction of the 300
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    What I find even more useful than a powerprobe.... is a mate with one.... who is sh!thot at electrics and doesn't like to be beaten Also love the Milwaulkee ratchet. Having seen Al use one on the Skid Factory on Youtube I want one. Annoyingly though all my tools are Dewalt, and they don't make an equivalent sadly .
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    Dare I say it.... Buy cheap buy twice!
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    Thought this was an interesting article with some great photos, and a good take on why we love our LR's despite their flaws... https://jalopnik.com/land-rover-and-mercedes-the-king-and-queen-of-the-saha-1831555271
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    Agreed (presuming old for odd). I have 20 yr Teng, near 40 yr Kamasa and 60 yr Britool inherited, all great stuff and I have never broken any of it despite trying quite hard. But it is all 1/2 inch and big heavy sets which stay at home. The handy thing about the little 3/8 inch set is it takes up no room in the boot, any is so multi-purpose.
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    I would totally agree.

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