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    I have recently had to drill out a seized bolt in my bulkhead. Not the easiest to get aligned, and, of course, I failed. Consequently I ended up with a slightly off-centre hole that was not aligned with the axis of the bolt. So, I was faced with a significant amount of filing with a rat-tail file to recover the original hole dimensions. I decided that a power file would be a great help. I believe that these are available in UK, but I've been unable to find one over here, so I decided to make my own. I already have a reciprocating saw, so I took an old saw blade and a rat tail file and started from there. After trimming both and slotting the file I had this, and after welding, and tidying the weld, it was far too crappy to show, my new tool was ready for use. And it works a treat. A very good time and effort saver at virtually zero cost. Mike
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    Way off topic and posted entirely for topical amusement. Hope it's not too far left field. I give you... The Oxford Allen snow plough! I believe they sold one for it, or somebody used to make one. Either way, it makes short work of keeping the drive passable for 2wd euroboxes. Fabricobbling something up for the 109 seemed like overkill. Stay safe! VID-20190201-WA0043.mp4
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    Obvious megasquirt candidate. Used to use a merrytiller for similar duties.
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    Now, I feel a bit of a fraud raising this enquiry. I thought I had asked Machine Mart about seal kits, but it seems I hadn't, perhaps assuming they would have no such thing, so not even raising the topic. Following your prompting I did ask the question, to find they did stock them at £22.48 inclusive of carriage and delivery. No, they don't deliver to your local store, and parts do not qualify for any VAT free shopping deals. Although I had a couple of leads in mind to find "the local hydraulics place that the local farmers and industry use", I decided any cost saving on £22 would not be worth the additional effort involved. I ordered the parts, '3 to 4 working days delivery'. Thank you for your advice, and prompting me to do the job properly the first time!! Regards.

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