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    Way off topic and posted entirely for topical amusement. Hope it's not too far left field. I give you... The Oxford Allen snow plough! I believe they sold one for it, or somebody used to make one. Either way, it makes short work of keeping the drive passable for 2wd euroboxes. Fabricobbling something up for the 109 seemed like overkill. Stay safe! VID-20190201-WA0043.mp4
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    You can get the puma dash gauge controller from here Mo
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    I've just fitted a set of these to my project, I've only gone for the fronts as I have a hi cap tub so standard width arches should be ok on the rear. As said above, they fit into the normal holes under the wing using the usual trim clips with a bit of enlarging of the holes in the arch, you do have to cut up your old front arches to bridge the gap between arch and arch liner, or buy a cheap pair of arches to chop up if you want to keep your old ones.
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    I’ve never had a problem with genuine ones, which are made by Waxstat I believe.
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    Never had a problem with Allmakes stats 88 degree one in my engine now,
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    Obvious megasquirt candidate. Used to use a merrytiller for similar duties.
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    Hello folks, I acquired this LR military Hornet 280 in indonesia. Made by Glover and Webb. I appreciate for more info on this vehicle, where it was deployed, what country, what mission etc. I am having a hard time finding articles and even pictures of this online. This vehicle has 300tdi engine, with kevlar composite body shell up to the doors, tubular chassis. I believe it has strengthened floor. I appreciate any info. Thank you.
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    Hi It’s Oxford Blue Micatallic LRC 602 The problem with the paint it’s taken the limelight away from the mechanical work.

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