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    The writer says "Weak product quality has long been a problem with JLR, dating to the time when the UK luxury automaker was still in the hands of Ford." Clearly not old enough to remember the cars built in the days of BL then ...
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    Agreed, the compressor at 100psi will be the same as any other compressor at 100psi. Warm the wax, and check your hoses for small orifices, on a similar cheap compressor I found one new hose only had ~2mm passage in the hose just behind one of the fittings.
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    Just look at that, how the hell are you supposed to know what that bloody great round thing does unless it's marked "steering" or "for going round corners"?
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    Everything will be driven from the ipad in front of the gearstick - because we all know touch screen controls are perfect for wet, muddy cold environments, work well with gloves, can be operated without having to look at a mixture of the screen and the instruction manual when on the motorway at 70 etc etc...
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    Way off topic and posted entirely for topical amusement. Hope it's not too far left field. I give you... The Oxford Allen snow plough! I believe they sold one for it, or somebody used to make one. Either way, it makes short work of keeping the drive passable for 2wd euroboxes. Fabricobbling something up for the 109 seemed like overkill. Stay safe! VID-20190201-WA0043.mp4

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