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  1. Everything will be driven from the ipad in front of the gearstick - because we all know touch screen controls are perfect for wet, muddy cold environments, work well with gloves, can be operated without having to look at a mixture of the screen and the instruction manual when on the motorway at 70 etc etc...
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  2. Hi all , sorry it's took so long to put some figures to this but sadly my father-in-law past away and my mind hasn't quite been on it but got some enthusiasm back last week so gave the 110 a service today and fitted the thermo-couples . So took here for a short drive , but just to recap she's got an Allisport front mounted intercooler , an uprated chra in the turbo and a pump tweak , so once up to temp I took a few readings as such there not to accurate as I was on my own and trying to watch multiple things is quite hard when your on country lanes . at idle in 29c out 17c doing 40 in about 60c out 20c accelerating hard up to 60 in at peak 97c out 22c these figures are very rough . I'm on afternoons next week so I'll get some more accurate readings , but the one thing that I did notice is that the in temp rose as high as 100c at one point but once the engine was up to temp the air going into the engine was never above 22c , it seemed to stay from 16c to 22c . I'll also take her for a spin down the A50 on the way home one night see how that affects the temps .
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  3. LR have already jumped in that it's an old concept setup. I tend to believe them as it's unlikely that the random dude who posted the photo would have anything to do with the final production version. The LR PR guy got very angry with him on Twitter before his account got nuked 🙄 https://jalopnik.com/this-is-the-new-land-rover-defender-dash-before-youre-s-1832627241 It may have similarities, but Stop and Go pedals don't scream "finished product".
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  4. I agree and will be submitting it for a pre-MOT anyway. You really can not mess with this sort of thing and better to be safe than not.
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  5. Manual version? There won't be one of those.
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