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    The front bumper arrived today. Easy fitment with no fettling and was supplied by Terrafirma. My old Landy had one supplied by David Bowyer and needed drilling and filing. But it was from memory a bit sturdier than this one. Time will tell. The finish is very good though.. Wiring was already in place and is controlled from a cut out switch fitted in the passenger seat box.
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    Gearing wouldn't need touching, but everything the engine bolts or plumbs into would. It would be a massive amount of work to gain less power, less performance and a lot more noise. I'm a Tdi fan, have two 200Tdi's, but they are completely inferior to the latter engines in every regard.
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    Very clever, I shall be copying this for the lightweight!
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    The heater is in and working 😊 Vents in the footwells work really well. Extra pick up put in the tank. Controller is at the far end of the dash on this picture (the fish eyed LED is there as the interior light) Heated seats are working too - with the switches on the end of the seatbox, and the inlet for the webasto cut into the seat box too.
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    VOSA approved MOT test hammer https://www.tooled-up.com/sealey-vosa-approved-mot-corrosion-assessment-hammer/prod/109341/ Says it weight is 0.07kg. So that's the only one that should be used.
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    It would be a lot easier to fit another puma. Assuming you still have the gearbox you'll need an adapter (I believe it's been do for a 300tdi). Your dash may not work and half the engine wiring will need altering. Exhaust and gearing will probably need looking at. Engine mounts will be comparatively easy to sort. Mike
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    I did the string method once and whilst everything looked aligned, it turned out to be 8mm toe out and ruined my brand new tyres in 20k miles. Now I do the curtain-pole-rim-to-rim method and having it checked at the garage has confirmed this way to be pretty accurate.
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    As above, make sure the pointer is in the right place first,or you are shooting in the dark. Easiest way to do this is with a piston stop, it has been covered on here, do a search. Then, most V8s will tolerate 9 deg btdc on modern fuel.
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    More of a Smiths man myself , got pioneer speakers in the 110 sounds very good shall be fitting some in the 90 with one of those head units by the look of it .
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    Looks cracking Ralph, very nice indeed


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