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    Totally agree, i was just looking at the body actually will makes some efforts to remove the layers of bronze green, then she'll get rubbed down and painted olive or olive and black there's a few dents here and there I'll be straightening out to square her up a bit but thats about it, the rear tub inside will need the most work. In other news i just got her running. New plugs leads and distributor and she fired up on the first turn, well chuffed, and coincidently I'm no longer a series truck driver virgin, took it for a spin to check the transmission, all good except stopping is interesting with only one wheel... great fun Now I get why peoples like series trucks 😁
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    This is why the true answer is subjective. What do you place most importance on? It's why I stick to a 19J (I'm not going to claim it is the best engine made though!), I don't use it as a daily driver, I don't care about it being not that fast. I want it to be original for a late 1980's Land Rover, the era I find nostalgic. Others will place importance on other things. I think it is the variety in Land Rovers that makes them so interesting.
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    The public gets what the public wants... Pay some decent money and you would get a very good parts person. Because everything is boned to death on price,you don't get well paid in a parts department. My 18 year old daughter works in Screwfix as a fill in job. She is smart and learns very quickly,but is constantly frustrated by customers expecting her to know everything about everything they sell. I can't remember how many thousands of product lines they have ,but its massive. Give the youths some encouragement,do some research on what parts you need for your Landrover,its not hard to find part numbers on the net.
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    They dont look a patch on the Tibus portals that’s for sure and most definitely are NOT “bolt on “
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    It's not that at all - EDC (as I understand it) is not firing injectors, it's just adjusting the pump parameters by varying a couple of actuators and possibly reading a couple of sensors, which is far simpler than what MS has to do. However, common-rail direct-injection diesels with no mechanical injection pump have a far harder job to do than petrol injection - the injectors are dealing with huge pressures so take a more complex set of electronics to control them, the timing of the injection event is critical (much more like controlling spark than fuel) but they have to start and stop injection at exactly the right time and often fire several injections per combustion event with very tight timing. It makes petrol fuel + spark look very easy by comparison. None of it's insurmountable, it just needs someone willing to spend the time & money and sacrifice a few engines to the R&D process
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    I spent last weekend getting the wireloom ready for the MegaSquirt (thanks again @FridgeFreezer). With a little help from my friends, including the resident electricat. Great for stripping wire ends! We put the MS on another P38 for a trial run, so as not to have an untested controller on a newly build engine. Good thing too, as we did need plenty of starting to get the VR parameters working. But in the end she did fire up! 😄 Some tuning needs to be done, but at least the concept of using all original sensors and wireloom is proven. Next step is to take the body off the car, remove engine + autobox and replace with the new engine and manual gearbox and install the lockers (with a bit of axle refurbishing on the side). Filip
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    I'm more than happy to develop a controller for EDC if anyone can pass on the technical specs on the back of a cheque
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    All you ever want to know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_OM613_engine
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    Yeah, Mercedes OM613.... straight 6. I think 3.2L from memory.
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    If you really want some fun to... "What's the reg mate?" Answer with: Q#*# #*# Mike
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    Apologies the downpipe is 2.5”. I measured “the pipe” not the bit that flares out to go over the turbo pipe appreciate the help chaps
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    Thought I was winning tonight until a stud snapped in the exhaust manifold holding the turbo no. Then snapped the stud off flush with the manifold... Joy! I had a brand new spare manifold so decided to get that out and drill for the egt. Pictures here for positioning which shows you can get it right in the middle of all four exhaust port flows. We'll almost in the middle! 😁
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    Not that mysterious then
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    No that is exhaust emissions. Fuel efficiency is tells us how often it needs filling up. Your wallet basically. But being dutch, you know that.
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    Just to let you know I'm stealing all these dyno plots for my collection
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    There is no way in hell those are strong enough. Without bracing the stock axle tube will bend. The portal box is way too light for the loads. No pictures of the front.... No details on the design or component size. Anyone sending them 10000 Euros needs to come and see some nice land I have for sale.
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    Anything below 4° has the FBH kicking in...think I read that in my D4 handbook when I had it.


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