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    I've seen one of these little camo peugeots driving round my village with oil barrels in a roof rack. Everytime I see it I think how embarrassing it would be to take it to a garage for an MOT or new tyres. Some people have no shame.
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    Got it sorted 4 new earths 1 for each indicator of the body this time and back to normal flashy flash. Relief, now just need to keep it like that and see if I can get an earlier mot than 16th April. Big thanks for the help guys.👌 One to remember for sure. 👍
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    Thank you all! Had a little snafu with clearance between the new pulley and water pump yesterday, so many parts came off the front of the engine for measuring, head scratching, swapping and subsequent fettling. The water pump casting is different between my spare engine and the one fitted. The spare cleared the modified crank pulley nicely with room to change the belt, the other sat a couple of mm too low for the pulley to even fit. Annoying, but it's no fun if it's easy. Made some progress on the mounting plate, which can be seen in the pics below. I'm going for stiffening ribs and a bottom support structure for the gearbox rather than one piece of thick plate: More to come once I've organised the latest photos and made some meaningful progress on getting everything fitted.
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    In the time it's taken you to conjur that (bad) plan, you could have taken the front cover off. Why are you procrastinating?

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